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Rugs, Rugs and Rugs – Why they are so important!

Rugs, Rugs and Rugs – Why they are so important!

Rugs are often chosen as a floor covering based on how they look and feel, but did you know they also have a positive impact on the indoor air quality of your home and the longevity of your carpet? 

Rugs are an important part of our home decor, especially in homes with a large percentage of hard flooring.


Rugs brighten up a room and give warmth and comfort for those who walk, sit and sometimes lie on the rugs. When placed on top of the carpet, they act to protect the carpet from traffic, spills and abrasive soils thus slowing down the wear process and protecting your carpet. After all, it’s much easier to replace a rug than a whole house of carpet.


You may have heard that carpeted houses have better indoor air quality than houses with hard floors. This is because carpet acts like a filter, pulling airborne pollutants out of the air, trapping the pollutants until they are removed with vacuuming or professional carpet cleaning. Naturally, rugs act like carpet in the house, acting as a filter for airborne pollutants.  So, if you’ve family members with asthma or allergies and you have large areas of hard floors in your home, buy a few rugs, just vacuum them regularly, front and back and get a professional carpet cleaning done on a regular basis.