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Benefits of Electrodry's Carpet Dry Cleaning System


Our exclusive exothermic carpet dry cleaning system removes more stains than any other cleaning process.


We’ll leave your carpets walk-on dry with no wet carpet smell!


Electro-Shield™ provides long lasting protection against germs, bacteria and other nasties.


We use solvent-based products to allow for deep cleaning without the chemical residue.


Our system restores your carpet’s chemical balance, bringing back its showroom glow.


We have complete confidence in our system, offering a 14-day guarantee that you’ll love your refreshed carpet!



Electro-Shield is a residually active, long lasting sanitising product that kills 99.9% of bacteria as well as a range of other nasty micro-organisms. Other sanitising agents lose effectiveness within minutes or seconds from application however Electro-Shield will keep sanitising your carpet and lounge from the time it is applied until it is eventually worn away with continual traffic.

The key to Electro-Shield's long lasting sanitising action is the key active ingredient, which is structured to bind to the fibres in your carpet and lounge to provide long lasting protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria, germs and other micro-organisms.

Electro-Shield will remain effective on carpets and lounges for up to 4 months from application. In high traffic and commercial premises, we recommend re-application every 2 months.

Why Is Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning So Effective?

As a leader in the cleaning and floor re-finishing industries, Electrodry services over 110,000 customers every year. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with every service we provide.

Our speciality is Carpet Dry Cleaning, the service that launched Electrodry in 1983. Since then we've expanded to have teams all over Australia, and our skillset now includes over ten different home cleaning services. Our technicians provide outstanding professional home cleaning services, satisfaction guaranteed.

Here is what to expect from your Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning service.

Pre-Vacuum to Remove Dry Soils

Carpets are pre-vacuumed using industrial-strength equipment to remove dry dirt from the carpet and open up the fibres for cleaning.

Stain Pre-Treatment & Application of Carpet Dry Cleaning Solutions

Problem areas are treated with specialised dry cleaning products and stain removal solutions.

Exclusive Carpet Dry Cleaning System With Conditioning Rinse

Our Carpet Dry Cleaning system and conditioning rinse will reset the carpet's chemical balance.

Application Electro-Shield & Carpet Grooming

Finally, Electro-Shield is applied to treat germs and bacteria. The carpets are groomed to reset the pile and promote faster drying.

Carpet Dry Clean for Heavy Traffic

Carpet with high levels of traffic will have increased levels of oils, grease, soils and other contaminants. Your technician may recommend our Heavy Traffic Treatment in these areas to give even better results.

The Heavy Traffic Treatment

Electrodry's specially formulated Heavy Traffic Cleaning Solution breaks down the oil, grease and sugar that holds the dirt to your carpet.

Following the Heavy Traffic Treatment, we will treat your carpet with the exclusive Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning System, ensuring soft, clean carpet that’s ready to walk on right away.

This process includes:


Restorative Clean

The most thorough carpet clean imaginable!

A Restorative Clean is ideal for very heavily soiled and neglected carpets where an amazing cleaning result is required. This service is also recommended when our client needs the cleanest carpets possible, such as a family with crawling babies, people with asthma or allergies or it may just be that our client has moved into a new home with extremely dirty carpet.

The Restorative Clean Process

An Electrodry Restorative Clean uses a combination of hot water extraction cleaning (steam cleaning) and dry cleaning to remove high levels of soiling, treat stains and reset the carpet's chemical balance.


The Electrodry Guarantee

Regardless of which process you choose for your carpet, we stand by our commitment to quality.

Electrodry gives all our clients a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will re-clean your carpet free of charge.


What Customers Have to Say About Carpet Dry Cleaning

"It's great to have really clean carpets again."

"Loved the result and very happy."

"Excellent job and carpets came up like new."

"Well done, vaccuumed first and thorough clean. looks great, feels clean."

Average Customer Rating:

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How Carpet Dry Cleaning Differs From Steam Cleaning




USES 90%





The main difference is the amount of water used. Traditional steam cleaning can use between 10 to 50 litres of water per room, sometimes more! That amount of water can mean drying times of 24 hours or longer.

Electrodry's dry cleaning process uses up to 90% less moisture.

Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning Results

Carpet in the home creates warmth, noise absorption and complete comfort. But did you know that carpet has a natural ability to trap and absorb allergens and pollutants in the air, helping to create healthier indoor air quality in your home?

At Electrodry, we’re passionate about clean carpets because we know how important it is that your carpets are free from nasty bacteria, fungi and germs. Our specially formulated dry cleaning solutions clean, sanitise and freshen carpet fibres so you can rest assured that your floors are free of contaminants and as healthy as possible.

We’ve been cleaning carpets for more than 35 years, lending our expertise and modern technology to provide a ‘super’ carpet clean that gives customers fantastic results without leaving wet carpet behind. We provide services to 110,000 customers a year and receive great reviews – try us out and see why.


Frequently Asked Questions

The warranty is only valid if the customer has addressed any ongoing moisture issues, such as leaks in the home’s roof, walls, or plumbing. While Electrodry’s service will treat mould and restore your indoor air to healthy levels, you will need to undertake research to rectify the cause otherwise the mould will return.

The customer needs to have both mould cleaning and micro-misting undertaken during the service for the warranty to be valid.

Warranties are not valid in designated wet areas such as the laundry and bathroom.

The home’s relative humidity must be measured at under 60%.

Warranties are not valid if any unforeseen water intrusion occurs.

Windows and windowsills must be kept clean and free of moisture (including condensation).

Bleaches and off the shelf mould treatment products, "bleach" or take the colour out of visible mould to hide the problem but fail to treat living hidden mould in gyprock and other building materials, allowing the mould to quickly re-grow.

Electrodry Mould Cleaning offers an affordable, revolutionary mould treatment system that traces the moisture to its source, treating visible and hidden mould for long lasting results. We will also treat air-borne spores using a special antimicrobial mist to ensure that the indoor air quality is restored to healthier levels.

Do you suffer from itchy eyes and runny nose, shortness of breath or you just generally feel a little run down? Mould may be the cause of your ill health. There are over 1000 types of identified mould and approximately 5% contain mycotoxins that are poisonous to humans. Long term exposure to other mould types can also illicit harmful allergic reactions. If you can see mould in your home, you need to effectively treat it. More information about the possible health repercussions of mould are available from your local public health unit.

Electrodry's Mould Treatment system typically costs $300 per room with moderate levels of contamination. Light contamination in pockets or corners of rooms will cost less and heavy contamination may be more expensive.

Pricing is determined at the time of inspection and is based on the surface area affected, the level of contamination and the building material e.g. brick, gyprock or timber. The costs of anti-microbial misting varies depending on the size of the house. Mould treatment is specialised work that requires a large amount of personal protective equipment. due to set-up and protective equipment required, the minimum charge for a mould treatment service is $300.

If you have pets, they will not be allowed in the house during the treatment. We also recommend removing any indoor plants outside while we undertake the service.

No-one is to be in the household during or for a period of 5 hours after the treatment.

All areas to be micro-cleaned need to be easily accessible. We ask that you move any furniture/whitegoods prior to our attendance. We will take the utmost care during the service, placing protective sheets over your heavy furniture and floors throughout the service. Your technician will discuss this with you in more detail at the time of inspection.

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