Mould Cleaning

The Afforadable, Revolutionary Mould Treatment System



Fast, safe, effective mould treatment system.

Our anti-microbial solutions trace the mould to moisture source to effectively treat hidden and visible mould

12 Month Warranty: We warrant that mould will not return for 12 months.**

Repainting or building work is unnecessary in over 95% of cases.

One day treatment.

Treats air-borne mould spores and restores air quality to safe, healthy levels.


Approved by insurers, Electrodry’s unique mould treatment system passes the strictest laboratory tests, yet our process is faster
and more affordable than other mould treatment systems.

inspecting mould

1. Inspection Of Affected Area

Book an inspection to identify the extent of the affected area and scope the required work. We’ll discuss treatment options and provide a written quote.

testing moisture

2. Moisture And Humidity Measurements Taken

Moisture and Humidity Measurements are Taken: The mould treatment process includes identifying the factors that lead to the initial mould colonisation

3. Anti-Microbial Mould Treatment

Our cleaning solutions effectively treat active mould, using a unique surfactant solution that traces the moisture into building materials to effectively treat hidden mould.

4. Mould Removal

Mould and Mould stains are removed, with painting unnecessary in over 95% of cases.

5. Anti-microbial Misting

An anti-microbial mist is sprayed into the home to treat air-borne mould spores and prevent re-colonisation

How much does Mould Cleaning Cost?


Electrodry’s Mould Treatment system typically costs $300 per room with moderate levels of contamination. Light contamination in pockets or corners of rooms will cost less and heavy contamination may be more expensive.

Pricing is determined at the time of inspection and is based on the surface are area affected, the level of contamination and the building material e.g. brick, gyprock or timber. The costs of anti-microbial misting varies depending on the size of the house. Mould treatment is specialised work that requires a large amount of personal protective equipment. Due to the set-up and protective equipment required, the minimum charge for a mould treatment service is $300.




We guarantee that our mould treatment will be effective for at least 12 months*. If the mould returns within 12 months then we will re-treat the mould free of charge.

Terms and Conditions



Is Mould Affecting Your Health?

Do you suffer from itchy eyes, runny nose, shortness of breath or you just generally feel a little run down? Mould may be the cause of your ill health. There are over 100,000 types of identified mould and approximately 5% contain mycotoxins that are poisonous to humans. Long term exposure to other mould types can also illicit harmful allergic reactions. If you can see mould in your home, you need to effectively treat it.  



        Before and after images of mould cleaning jobs by Electrodry.

        Have you tried to clean mould only to find it return after a few months?

        Bleaches and off the shelf mould treatment products, “bleach” or take the colour out of visible mould to hide the problem but fail to treat living hidden mould in gyprock and other building materials, allowing the mould to quickly re-grow.

        Electrodry Mould Cleaning offers an affordable, revolutionary mould treatment system that traces the moisture to its source, treating visible and hidden mould for long lasting results.


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