Mould Cleaning

An affordable, revolutionary mould treatment system



No more need for scrubbing with domestic bleaches.
No repainting usually necessary.
Restores air quality to safe and healthy levels.
Same day treatment, available for anywhere with mould or mildew.

Before and after images of mould cleaning jobs by Electrodry.


We guarantee that our mould treatment will be effective for at least 12 months*. If the mould returns within 12 months then we will re-treat the mould free of charge.


Is Mould Affecting Your Health?

Do you suffer from itchy eyes, runny nose, shortness of breath or you just generally feel a little run down? Mould may be the cause of your ill health. There are over 100,000 types of identified mould and approximately 5% contain mycotoxins that are poisonous to humans. Long term exposure to other mould types can also illicit harmful allergic reactions. If you can see mould in your home, you need to effectively treat it.  


Approved by insurers, Electrodry’s unique mould treatment system passes the strictest laboratory tests, yet our process is faster
and more affordable than other mould treatment systems.

inspecting mould

1. Inspection Of Affected Area

Book an inspection to identify the extent of the affected area and scope the required work. We’ll discuss treatment options and provide a written quote.

testing moisture

2. Moisture And Humidity Measurements Taken

Moisture and Humidity Measurements are Taken: The mould treatment process includes identifying the factors that lead to the initial mould colonisation

3. Anti-Microbial Mould Treatment

Our anti-microbial mould treatment product traces the mould to the moisture source to effectively treat the mould contamination. In over 90% of cases, the visual mould is removed without the need for painting or building work.

4. Micro-Mist Sprayed To Remove Air-Borne Spores And Bring Air Quality To Safe Levels

Anti-Microbial Mist is Sprayed to Remove Air-Borne Mould Spores: Our anti-microbial misting treatment removes air-borne mould spores to prevent re-colonisation and restores indoor air quality.


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Terms and Conditions for Mould Treatment

  • All prices are subject to inspection
  • Micro-cleaning ONLY (without the Micro-misting) may leave a heavy chlorine based VOC or smell and is not covered by the 12 month Warranty
  • Pets, plants and people must vacate the premises during treatment
  • No-one is to be in the household during or for a period of 5 hours after the treatment
  • Open food must be put away prior to treatment
  • All areas to be micro cleaned need to be easily accessible
  • Moving of furniture/whitegoods etc to allow access is the customer’s responsibility and needs to be done prior to our attendance
  • High and/or textured ceilings requiring scaffolding will incur additional fees
  • If your paintwork is over 5 years old, there is a higher chance it will oxidize causing the paint to dis-colour
  • In rare circumstances, bubbling of paint is possible where high levels of moisture have been prevalent
  • Thermal fogging may set off fire alarms. If this service is to be performed, it is the responsibility of the customer to make whatever preparations are necessary to manage this
  • If humidity is not controlled the surfaces micro-cleaned may stay wet for long periods. The products are designed to aid in confirming if the moisture issues have been addressed
  • All sources of water ingress must be rectified prior to treatment/remediation
  • Warranties are not valid in designated wet areas such as the laundry and bathroom
  • Warranties are not valid if any unforeseen water intrusion occurs
  • If air sampling is being conducted, both the micro-cleaning and micro-misting must be done and the air sample must be taken within 72hrs of treatment
  • 12 month Warranty – Micro-Cleaning and Micro-Misting must both be conducted and relative humidity measured at under 60%. Windows and window sills must be kept clean and free of moisture (including condensation)