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Why Choose Electrodry Pest Control Service

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Over 40 Years of Expertise

Electrodry has more than 40 years’ experience in the home services industry.


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Highly-Trained and Licensed Technicians

Our teams have undertaken nationally recognised training in general pest control to attain licensing requirements.


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Tailored Treatment Plans

We know not every pest problem is the same, so we’ll tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.


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Detailed Receipt

We provide you with an electronic receipt after the job, with the details of work performed, the name of the technician and the licence number.


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We Can Ensure That The Pests Won't Return

We offer a monitoring service to ensure that the pests won’t return.


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Safe, Low-toxicity Solutions

Our solutions have low toxicity levels and will be extremely safe once dry.


The Electrodry Pest Control Process

Electrodry offers safe, well priced, convenient pest control services with the re-assurance that comes from a company with over 40 years’ experience in the home services industries.

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1. Schedule a tech visit

Call our hotline 13 27 13 or schedule a quote and pre-inspection online.

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2. Get an on-site inspection

During the visit, our technician will tell you the cost, likely results and answer all your question.

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3. Book your service

Book with peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect on the day of your service.


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Family Moving out of Home with Dog


End-of-lease Flea Treatment

An essential end-of-lease service for homes with pets. We apply a flea treatment blanket spray through the home and exterior areas including the yard, balcony, porch and driveway if appropriate.

This service should be the last item performed when vacating the premises (after the lawns are mowed and the carpets are cleaned).

You will be provided with an electronic receipt at the completion of the job outlining the work performed, the technician who performed the work and license number.



Couple Surprised at Dog with Fleas


Flea Treatment (existing infestation)

We realise that we have a flea problem when our pets start itching and we get small itchy red spots on our lower legs. Once a flea infestation takes hold we need to tackle both the fleas and the flea eggs to break the life cycle and bring permanent relief to your flea problem.

We will identify the scope of the problem, formulating a treatment plan. We then treat your fleas and flea eggs. Finally, we monitor the problem with scheduled call-outs. Any ongoing treatment that is required is on us until the problem is permanently removed.



Pest Control Technician Spraying  

General Pest Control

Our general pest treatment service is designed for cockroaches, spiders and most other household pests. Once we identify the problems, we carry out the service.

1. Identifying the scope of the problem.

Our general pest treatment service is designed for cockroaches, spiders and most other household pests. Once we identify the problems, we carry out the service.

2. Application of pest control solutions

We apply a powder in the roof cavity and sub-floor if appropriate as well as gels in the kitchen to treat cockroaches.

3. Consultation on treatment and prevention

We provide treatment advice at the end of the job to help you prevent unwanted pests from returning.  



Pest Control Technician Picking Up Rodent

Rodent Treatment


1. Identifying the scope of the problem
We do a thorough investigation to determine the location of the rodents.

2. Integrated pest management system
We then incorporate an integrated pest management system to remove the rodents and ensure rodents don’t return.


3. Monitoring
We monitor the problem to ensure the mice don’t return.  



How much does pet control cost?

Up to 3 bedrooms
Average House
Up to 4 bedrooms or a block of up to 350 sqm
Large House
Up to 5 bedrooms or a block of up to 700 sqm
End-of-lease Flea Treatment $160 $220 $260
Flea Treatment (infestation) quoted on inspection
General Pest Control $220 $280 $330
Rodent Treatment $180 including 2 rodent stations. Additional rodent stations are $25 each


What Customers Have to Say About Pest Control Treatment

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Independent Service Rating based on verified reviews.


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Pest control was professionally done with a mattress clean as well. Nathan seemed very knowledgeable and friendly. I had the pest control done last year by electrodry as well and saw no cockroaches after for a year.

- Julie

Overdue carpet clean and pest control. Great communication from the company and the technician was on time and extremely professional and through. Did a great job. I would not hesitate to call this company again.

- Sharon Johnston

I have used Electrodry Bayside now twice and have been blown away buy the finish of the job and the customer service. The fact i can have floors, lounges, air cons and pest done on the same day is just so very convenient. 10/10 for their workmanship and professionalism - I wont use another company.

- Casey Holmes

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Electrodry Customer and Technician Guarantee Background Image

The Electrodry Guarantee

Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee ensures your peace of mind. We address concerns promptly, free of charge, based on valuable customer feedback. Rest assured, we take action to resolved any quality issues identified in surveys.


Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control

We ask that you, your family and your pets not be at home while the treatment is taking place. We also ask that you stay out of the house for 5 hours after the treatment.

Our solutions have low toxicity levels and will be extremely safe once dry. As above, all people (including pregnant women and children) should stay out of the house for 5 hours after the treatment.

People suffering with these conditions will be required to stay out of the house for a little longer than others. Please ensure you let the technician know if someone at home has allergies or asthma.

Fleas (both infestations and as part of end of lease treatments); rodents; cockroaches; bed bugs; spiders; and a range of other household pests. Please note that Electrodry does not treat termites.

People can have skin reactions to fleas, including lesions and itching. Unlike some overseas species, Australian fleas do not transmit human diseases.

There are many things you can do to minimize the risk of pests. Try to keep your home clean and relatively free of clutter. Remove food crumbs as diligently as possible and vacuum regularly.

Make sure that your pet’s food and water bowls are put away.

Vacuum beforehand if a flea treatment is taking place and wash all of your pet’s bedding. Ensure your pet is also treated for fleas.

Put away any children’s toys in an area not being sprayed.

Ensure all open food is sealed in an airtight container.

Ensure that you keep your home and kitchen specifically as hygienic as possible.

Keep your children and pets away from treated areas until completely dry.

If you are going to mop your floors, make sure you wait for at least one week until after the treatment. The pest control treatment is water soluble, so you need to leave its residue on your floors for as long as possible to ensure that the pests cross paths with it.

The flea treatment should be the last service to take place before you move out.

You should have your home sprayed annually.

There’s no hard and fast rule here; it depends on the size of your home and of the infestation.

Electrodry provides pest control services to both residential and commercial premises.

Yes, we can do a flea treatment following an Electrodry Carpet Dry Clean.

We will provide a warranty on our workmanship, which will vary depending on the pest species. Your technician will speak to you in more detail once your home has been assessed. It’s important to note that following the treatment, we will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the pests are removed.

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