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Electrodry Timber Refresh

Bring back that wood floor look you love at the fraction of the cost of sanding! From $20 - $23 per square metre.

*All quotes shall incur a $50 fee that shall be deducted from the cleaning costs if you proceed with the quoted work or another Electrodry service.

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Why Choose Electrodry Timber Refresh

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No Sanding Dust or Fumes

Refreshes dull and dirty floors without the hassles of sanding.


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1-Day Service, Quickly Move Back In

1-day service. Move your furniture back that evening.


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Deep Cleans and Refreshes

Removes years of built up dirt, grime and residue from cleaning products.


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Restores Your Floor's Original Shine

Refresher coat minimises scratches and restores your floor's original sheen.


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Highly-Trained Floor Refinishing Technicians

Our technicians are highly-trained, guaranteeing amazing results.


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Compatible With A Wide Array of Floors

Compatible with hardwood floors, engineered wood floors, bamboo floors and cork.


How To Book A Timber Refresh

We charge a $50 quote fee which is later taken off the total charge when you book any Electrodry service. An on-site visit ensures that our quote are all inclusive, so there will be no hidden surprises.

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1. Schedule a tech visit

Call our hotline 13 27 13 or schedule a quote and pre-inspection online.

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2. Get an on-site inspection

During the visit, our technician will tell you the cost, likely results and answer all your question.

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3. Book your service

Book with peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect on the day of your service.


*The minimum price for Timber Refresh service is $500, good for 2 standard size rooms. All quotes shall incur a $50 fee that shall be deducted from the cleaning costs if you proceed with the quoted work or another Electrodry service.

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The Electrodry Timber Refresh Process

Timber Refresh includes a deep clean and our refresh polyurethane coating to bring dull, tired floors back to life. You will not believe your eyes when you see the results.


Thorough Pre-Vacuum

Electrodry technicians are trained to always thoroughly vacuum to remove dirt, dust and debris.


Edges Are Hand-Cleaned

Edges are then cleaned by hand to ensure removal of dirt and built-up grime.


The Bona™ Deep Clean System

We use The Bona Deep Clean system to remove the dirt, grime and residue from cleaning products that have built up on your wood floor over the years.


Timber Refresh Application

Electrodry's unique Timber Refresh coating is applied to restore your floors to their original shine and minimise scratches.


How Much Does A Timber Refresh Cost?

Timber Refresh is generally quote at $20 to $23 per square metre with a minimum fee of $500, which is good for 2 standard size rooms.

All quotes shall incur a $50 fee that shall be deducted from the cleaning costs if you proceed with the quoted work or another Electrodry service.



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2 After


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Timber Refresh Vs Regular Floor Sanding

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Timber Refresh

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    Always more cost-effective than regular floor sanding

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    Move back in on the same day

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    Replace the furniture within hours

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    NON-TOXIC, no fumes, no nasty odours

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    Brings back your floor's original
    sheen level

Regular Floor Sanding

Regular Floor Sanding

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    Piled up expense from the process and preparation

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    Usually takes 4 days before you can move back in

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    You have to spend more on furniture storage

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    Carcinogenic sanding dust residue

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    Unpleasant chemical smells lingers for weeks

Electrodry Timber Refresh Customer Reviews

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Mark did an outstanding job with the rejuvenation of our barbershop floor. Check out the before and after photos. We are very happy with the result.

- Ivan

Timber refresh looks awesome. Gary is a pleasure to work with

- Lizzie Walker

The floors weren’t old but had a lot of surface scratches from our dogs. Came up beautifully!

- Maureen Young

Fast, effective and great communication throughout the process. A service to recommend and use again

- Sigrid De Kaste

I thought the flooring needed replacing but your guy brought it up to near new condition, I was very happy .

- Bob Norman

Excellent service by Brendan from the Lismore office. Arrived on time, explained procedure, polite and professional. Floor looks great.

- Deb Chapman

Thanks, Leonard. We're glad you were happy with the results. Thanks for choosing Electrodry.

- Leonard Reilly

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The Electrodry Guarantee

Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee ensures your peace of mind. We address concerns promptly, free of charge, based on valuable customer feedback. Rest assured, we take action to resolved any quality issues identified in surveys.


Frequently Asked Questions About Timber Refresh

Our technicians will help move items with reasonable size and weight before the job starts. If you require your furniture moved out of the rooms where the service is being done and replaced at the end of the day. We can book you a furniture moving service. Moving and replacing furniture will require at least 2 technicians on-site and a return visit must be organised at the end of the day to replace the furniture once the coating has dried. This service costs an extra $180*.

Timber Refresh requires time and appropriate weather to cure and dry. Wet days are fine but the process won't work on hot days when the room temperature is above 28 to 30 degrees. If you do not have air-conditioning then we can do your floors first thing in the morning.

We can work around some furniture and reach partially underneath items such as beds, desks and tables. We usually are able to reach 20 centimetres underneath the edges of a bed so the uncoated area isn't apparent.

Furniture cannot be shifted while the coating is wet or drying.


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