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Electrodry Upholstery Cleaning

For a clean, fresh and healthy lounge suite. We guarantee it.

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The Benefits of Electrodry Couch Cleaning

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Highly-Trained Delicate Fabric Experts

Our highly qualified technicians have the expertise and the knowledge to safely and effectively clean the most difficult of fabrics.


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Electro-Shield™ Long-Lasting Germ Protection

Electro-Shield™ provides long-lasting protection against germs, bacteria and other nasties.


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Removes More Grime, Oil and Stains

Electrodry's solvent-based cleaning solutions remove more oils and grime than conventional cleaning systems.


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Ready to Use in 4 to 6 Hours

Our cleaning process leaves lounges drier than other systems, so your furniture will normally be ready to use in 4 to 6 hours.


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14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We have complete confidence in our system, offering a 14-day guarantee that you’ll love the results!


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Over 40 Years of Cleaning Expertise

Electrodry has been offering home cleaning services for 40 years, so you can rest assured your lounge is being treated by the experts.


How Do You Dry Clean a Lounge?

Our revolutionary 4-step cleaning system uses Electrodry’s exclusive dry-cleaning solutions to successfully break down the grease and body oils that hold the dirt to the fabric. We’ll rinse the fabric with a hot water extraction to flush out the dirt and contaminants, leaving your lounge looking like new and dry in 4-8 hours. Our innovative cleaning solutions can be used on delicate fabrics, achieving the best possible results for our satisfied customers.


Pre-Vacuum to Remove Dry Soils

We pre-vacuum before all jobs, using industrial strength equipment to remove dry soil and debris.


Application of Dry Cleaning Solutions

We apply specialised dry cleaning products to break down grease, soils and body oils. This releases the soils from the fabric for extraction.


Specialised Cleaning Solutions

Our products are infused with Electro-Shield™ to effectively sanitise your suite – we apply and agitate these solutions into the fabric for the cleanest result.


Hot Water Extraction

We remove stains and soiling by rinsing the fabric, leaving your lounge suite looking fresh and clean.


How do you clean a fabric sofa?

We’ll tailor our process and which products we use to each individual job – our professional technicians know not all fabrics are the same, so how we clean them should be different too

As the most delicate and hard to clean of all lounge fabrics, some of these fabrics can only be dry cleaned due to the risk of cellulosic browning (water marks). Electrodry has developed a dry cleaning solution, similar to that used by dry cleaners, to release the dirt, oil and grime from the lounge suite without the use of water. The dry cleaning process must be performed by hand and the results are great although sometimes fall short of that which we can achieve with a hot water extraction.

Note: The cleaning of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen can be more time consuming and chemical intensive than cleaning synthetic fabrics, hence an additional charge of up to $10 per seating position may apply for natural fabrics.


These fabrics are usually more processed than white or natural cottons or linens and can be cleaned with a hot water extraction clean. However, the fabric is still susceptible to cellulosic browning (watermarks) and dye migration (colour bleeding). On these fabrics, Electrodry minimises moisture use by pre-treating the lounge suite with dry cleaning solutions to break down the body oils and grease. We then apply a conditioning pre-spray to prevent browning and stabilise colours. Your lounge is then treated with a neutral cleaning solution that contains Healthguard to treat the bacteria and mould. Finally, we rinse the fabric with a hot water extraction clean to remove the soiling. This approach ensures that we can safely and effectively clean your lounge suite with great results.

Please note - The cleaning of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen can be more time consuming and chemical intensive than cleaning synthetic fabrics, hence an additional charge of up to $10 per seating position may apply for natural fabrics.

When cleaning synthetic fabrics such as polyesters and polypropylene, we use both a neutral cleaning pre-spray to break down the built-up oils and dry cleaning solution with water to tackle the heavily soiled areas. We then use a hot water extraction clean to rinse the fabric and remove the soils.

Please note - The cleaning of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen can be more time consuming and chemical intensive than cleaning synthetic fabrics, hence an additional charge of up to $10 per seating position may apply for natural fabrics.


White Cotton Sofa

Upholstery Before And After Cleaning Results

Blue Green Fabric Couch With Stains Before Cleaning
Blue Green Fabric Couch With Stains After Cleaning
Gray Microsuede Sofa With Stains Before Cleaning


Gray Microsuede Sofa With Stains After Cleaning


Dirty Light Brown Fabric Reclining Sofa Before Cleaning


Dirty Light Brown Fabric Reclining Sofa After Cleaning


Brown Fabric Sofa With Water Severe Water Stains Before Cleaning


Brown Fabric Sofa With Water Severe Water Stains After Cleaning


What Customers Have To Say About Electrodry Upholstery Cleaning

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Independent Service Rating based on verified reviews.


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Excellent, friendly and communication was awesome And to top it off a clean couch.

- Tessa Bates

The man did a great job. Sofa looks great. I happy to know it’s cleaned properly and it feels like new. Very friendly and informative. A great service! Easy to make appointment too.

- Michelle

Wonderful- Sebastian did a great job. great finish, very professional . Got every mark off, fresh, lounge looks new

- Teena

I am a long-time user of Ekectrodry and was rung with a great offer to have my carpets and lounges cleaned! James and his off-sider( can’t remember his name but it was his first day and he was a lovely young man) did an amazing job- went beyond the contract!!! They were both very friendly,obliging and professional!!! A credit to the company!!The whoke Electrodry experience was great- as expected Thanks so much! Kate

- Kate Andreou

Great service with a great result & price!! The Thecnician..Ben was really proffesional in the way he went about cleaning my leather lounge & was friendly. The lounge came up better than I had hoped for. I will definatley use Elctrodry again.

- Julie Keat

Prompt service. I wanted to get my extra large sofa cleaned ASAP. We arranged a date then I received a call back to arrange an earlier time as they had had a cancellation. The guy was very friendly and left the place clean and tidy.

- Samantha

We recently had our carpets and couches cleaned - we were very happy. The carpets look fresh and clean. Our couches were suffering from a range of spills from our toddler children, but now they have a new lease of life. I was very surprised at how clean they were able to get them. Thank you!

- Kara

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The Electrodry Guarantee

Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee ensures your peace of mind. We address concerns promptly, free of charge, based on valuable customer feedback. Rest assured, we take action to resolved any quality issues identified in surveys.


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