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Wood Floor Care

Cleaning and Caring for Different Types of Flooring

Cleaning and Caring for Different Types of Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide

Protecting and keeping your floors in pristine condition will be a breeze with o…

Carpet Care Tile Floor Care Wood Floor Care

things that damage wood floors

7 Things That Can Ruin Your Hardwood Floors

Timber floors can be a focal point of your home, or they can be a real eyesore.…

Wood Floor Care

How to care for your wood floors

Our Top 5 Timber Floor Care Tips

Do your timbers floors look more faded than fabulous? As wood floor experts, we…

Wood Floor Care

Why You Should Never Clean Wood Floors with Vinegar

Why You Should Never Clean Wood Floors with Vinegar

Why shouldn't you use vinegar to clean your wood floors? Vinegar is an acid so i…

Wood Floor Care

how to make timber floors shine

7 Great Tips To Keep Timber Floors Sparkling

When it comes to flooring, it's timber or nothing for a great number of people.…

DIY Cleaners Wood Floor Care

how to fix common wood floor issues

12 Quick Fixes for Common Wooden Floor Issues

It’s normal to encounter issues with your wood floors but they are not the end o…

Wood Floor Care

How do you make dull wood floors shine again

Why Some Cleaning Products Make Wood Floors Look Dull and Dirty

Do your wood floors look dull despite you constantly cleaning & polishing them?…

Wood Floor Care

how to revitalise wood floors

How To Bring A Beautiful Wood Floor Back To Life

Wood floor lost its shine? Electrodry can restore your timber floors and bring b…

Wood Floor Care

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