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Electrodry Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Revive your vinyl and linoleum floors with Electrodry’s Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Restoration services.

Vinyl Sheet Stripping And Sealing Vinyl Plank Floor Cleaning

Why Choose Electrodry Vinyl Floor Cleaning Service

Vinyl Planks (Wood Look LVT Tiles) and sheet vinyl floors both require cleaning and re-coating to preserve their appearance and maintain durability. At Electrodry, our Vinyl refresh service brings life back to vinyl plank floors, whilst our Strip and Seal service is ideal for sheet vinyl or linoleum floors.

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Clean and Re-Finish Vinyl Plank Floors

Our Vinyl Refresh Service expertly cleans and re-coats wood look vinyl plank floors, otherwise known as LVT tiles.


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Strip and Seal Service for Sheet Vinyl Floors

Enhance and protect your sheet vinyl & linoleum floors with our strip and seal process, improving their beauty and lifespan


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One-Day Service

Your floors will be ready to walk on in an hour for our vinyl refresh service, and within 6 hours following a strip and seal service


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Achieve an Elegant Matte Finish

Elevate the aesthetic of your vinyl flooring with our elegant matte finish, providing a sophisticated and modern appearance that resembles hardwood floors.


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Minimises Scratches

Removes minor scratches and minimises deep scratches. Experience convenient and efficient service with our one-day vinyl plank cleaning, restoration, and strip and seal processes, ensuring timely completion.


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Restores Colour in Sun-Faded Areas

Let our skilled technicians enhance the colours of sun-faded areas, breathing new life into your vinyl floors.


The Type of Vinyl and Linoleum Floors We Service

Electrodry provides a range of vinyl floor cleaning services for vinyl plank, vinyl sheet and linoleum floors. To deep clean ingrained dirt and restore their attractive matte finish.

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Circle Wood Look Vinyl Floors

Wood-Look Vinyl Floors

Restore the appearance of your Wood-Look Vinyl plan floor, applying a protective coating to extend the life of your floor.

Circle Vinyl Sheet Floors

Vinyl Sheet and Linoleum Floors

Remove embedded dirt and stains by stripping the existing polish, then re-polish the floor with a gorgeous satin finish.

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Electrodry's Range of Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Restoration Services

Vinyl Plank Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Timber-look vinyl planks, otherwise referred to as luxury vinyl tiles, are an elegant, practical flooring solution. Our Vinyl Tile Cleaning and Restoration service draws from our unique timber refinishing service to deliver a unique cleaning service with an amazing, long-lasting finish.


Thorough Floor Preparation

Using cleaning solutions and soft pads, we meticulously prepare the floor to release embedded oils and dirt, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

Soil Extraction

Our soft bristle floor scrubber rinses the floor and lifts away the soiling and contaminants.

Colour Balancing

We incorporate toners into our vinyl refresh product to counter sun fading and maintain a balanced colour scheme.

Durable Matte Finish Coating

Our durable matt finish vinyl refresh product is expertly applied to your floor in multiple coats. This long-lasting, easy-to-clean coating provides exceptional durability, preserving the beauty of your floor for an extended period.

Trust Electrodry to follow this comprehensive process in our Vinyl Plank Cleaning and Restoration service, ensuring that your floors receive the meticulous care they deserve.

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Electrodry Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl Plank Before And After 1

Vinyl Plank Before And After 2

Vinyl Plank Before And After 3

Vinyl Floor Stripping and Sealing

Often used in commercial settings, sheet vinyl flooring is typically coated with a polish to protect the vinyl and extend the floor's life. Over time, the flooring polish will absorb soils and start to discolour. It may also become heavily scratched and dull depending on the amount of wear the floor is subject to.

Sheet vinyl flooring is restored by stripping the original polish and applying multiple coats of new polish to protect the floor and restore its original sheen.


Stripper Application

Our skilled technicians apply a specialised stripper to the floor, effectively breaking down the existing polish, preparing it for removal.

Polish Removal

Using a powerful rotary machine with an abrasive pad, we lift the old polish from the floor. An extraction machine is then employed to thoroughly remove the loosened polish, leaving the surface clean and ready for the next step.

Application Of New Polish

We meticulously apply four coats of high-quality vinyl floor polish to the prepared surface. Between each coat, the floor is carefully burnished to harden the polish and ensure an even sheen level, resulting in a beautifully finished floor.

Electrodry's professional vinyl stripping and sealing process guarantees exceptional results as we employ precise techniques and premium products to revive the appearance of your floor.

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Vinyl Sheet Floor Before 1

Vinyl Sheet Floor Before 2

Vinyl Sheet Floor During 1

Vinyl Sheet Floor During 2

Vinyl Sheet Floor After 1

Vinyl Sheet Floor After 2

Why Vinyl Refresh is so Unique

Vinyl Refresh in a unique fast-drying, fast-curing polyurethane hybrid floor coating that bonds to existing floors without the need for additional primers. Vinyl refresh is formulated with a mat finish, similar to the sheen level of a new timber-look vinyl plank, although the sheen level can be adjusted as required.

Vinyl Refresh has a life of 2 to 5 years, depending on the amount of wear the floor experiences. The lifespan could be up 10 years or more if foot traffic is light.




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How much does a Vinyl Cleaning and Restoration Service cost?

Vinyl Refresh $20 to $24 per sqm*
Vinyl Stripping and Sealing $20 to $28 per sqm*


Electrodry Vinyl Floor Cleaners Customer Reviews

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Best thing I have done to get floors restored. the service was great on time I had my floors restored they came out great.

- Maryanne Laffan

Excellent job very pleased would recommend the firm anytime.

- Elayne Bruce

Did a thorough and excellent job, floors came up like new.

- Kelly

No dust or mess ,easy way to get a new looking floor.

- Eileen Wegner

Our floors were pretty beat up so i didnt expect the new floor look but they came up so much cleaner & much more appealing. Very happy with the results.

- Karyn Stegemann

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The Electrodry Guarantee

Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee ensures your peace of mind. We address concerns promptly, free of charge, based on valuable customer feedback. Rest assured, we take action to resolved any quality issues identified in surveys.


Laminate Floor Cleaning and Vinyl Floor Cleaning FAQs

Small scratches on vinyl floors can be effectively eliminated, leaving the floor looking revitalised. However, deep scratches that have cut into the vinyl may still be visible.

To maintain vinyl laminate, use recommended vinyl floor cleaners. Regular floorboard cleaning with suitable vinyl floor cleaners will help keep your flooring looking its best.

The vinyl refresh coating has roughly the same level of scratch resistance as your vinyl plank finishing when it was originally laid. This means that it is a very durable product, but may be subject to scratching especially if furniture is dragged across the floor.

After applying the vinyl floor sealer, you can walk on the floor after 1 hour, but we recommend wearing socks for the first 24 hours to avoid potential damage.

The transparent stains used in the refresh coating will minimize the impact of sun fading, making it a lot less noticeable however there is still likely to be some colour variations in the floor.

You can gently replace your furniture that evening. We suggest keeping rugs off the floor for 3 days to allow the floor cleaning and vinyl floor sealing to cure fully.

Our professional floor cleaners offer efficient vinyl floor stripping and sealing services, usually completing the process in one day. Your vinyl laminate flooring will be ready to walk on that evening, but it's best to wait 24 hours before replacing furniture.

Polishing over a stained or discolored floor will “lock in” the discoloration, hence it essential to strip the old polish from the vinyl floor before sealing.

Our professional floor cleaners use advanced techniques to strip away old coatings, effectively removing most surface scratches on vinyl floors. However, deeper scratches that have penetrated the vinyl sheet may still be visible after the process.

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