Clean Your House Like A Professional in Just 2 Hours

Published on Aug 19, 2019 | Updated - Dec 6, 2022

professional house cleaning tips and tricks

Do you ever wonder how professional house cleaners do it? They spend a few hours, and your house is magically transformed.

So, we sat down with a professional house cleaning expert and asked them to share their process.

Read on for the two-hour house clean that will get your home looking like it’s just been cleaned by the best in the business.


How to Clean Your House Like A Pro

We are all looking for ways to make life a little easier. We take a peek behind the curtain of a professional house cleaner’s routine – and you get to reap the benefits.


Step 1 - Deal with "stuff"

storing toy blocks in a bin

You basically want to make a huge impact as quickly as possible by scooping up anything that may get in the way of your vacuuming, dusting, or mopping.

Do a scan of your home, and move anything you can off benches, take bins and rugs off the floor. Pop dining chairs on the table and shuffle what you can.

This is something that you can probably do even better than a house cleaner will, considering you are able to move more of your personal items than a personal house cleaner will.

Professional Home Cleaning Tip: Clearing away space will make vacuuming and mopping much faster, plus ensure you do a more thorough job.


Step 2 - Dust

woman dusting

You may have heard this rule but it’s super important that you dust from top to bottom. Here’s why. You dust from the top of shelves down, so that the dust falls to the floor.

Remember to dust fans, light fixtures, blinds and in between any knick-knacks.

Professional Home Cleaning Tip: As cute as a fluffy duster is, a microfibre cloth is actually able to remove more dirt. Why are microfibre cloths good for cleaning? The tiny fibres lift and hold dirt effectively, utilising its positive-charged polyester fibres and negative-charged nylon fibres to attract and absorb dust.


Step 3 - Vacuum

man vacuuming carpet underneath table

Vacuum the whole house (including all that dirt you dusted off the shelves), remembering to vacuum one way and then the other to effectively capture the dirt in all fibre directions.

Professional Home Cleaning Tip: Just remember to vacuum before doing any wet cleaning or you might just end up with muck on your floors.


Step 4 - Wet clean

spraying water on surface before wiping

Now that the floors are vacuumed, it’s time to do your wet cleaning, including bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

Most bathroom cleaners are the most effective if they are left to sit. Spray and move on to another job for the recommended wait time.

If you’re looking for a more natural way to clean the shower, this shower cleaning method works wonders.

For a natural window cleaner, we highly recommend this DIY window cleaning solution. Try out this recipe with a microfiber cloth.

Professional Home Cleaning Tip: Colour code your microfiber cloths so that you never get bathroom and kitchen cloths confused! This will help to avoid any cross-contamination as well.


Step 5 - Mop

mopping floors

Depending on your home (and if you have hard floors), mopping is the final step.

As a very general rule, you should always mop both tiles and hardwood floors with minimal water and an appropriate cleaner.

These tips will keep your wood floors in pristine condition but the main wood floor maintenance rule is to never use vinegar to clean them, as its acidity can break down the protective coating on the floor.

Using only as much water as you need while cleaning your tiles will protect your grout. Due to its porous nature, grout absorbs excess water and when it doesn’t dry properly, can cause bacteria and mould to thrive.

Professional Home Cleaning Tip: As most people who mop regularly know, the secret to mopping is not to trap yourself! Mop yourself out of the house, by starting at the back of the house, and mopping towards the front of the house.

Assuming all goes to plan, you’ll finish up at the front door, ready to tip the mop bucket out.

Plan and have a cup of tea and your favourite book waiting for you out on the verandah, as a reward for a job well done.


Why should you get a cleaner?

Do the above steps still feel a little like they belong in the too-hard basket?

Hiring a house cleaner is a lot easier than you may think but there are a few things you may need to consider first. Here are some key questions to ask yourself and potential house cleaners.

  • How much am I willing to pay?

  • Am I comfortable with someone cleaning my home?

  • Is it a reputable cleaner?

  • What do I need to be cleaned?

  • Are products provided?

You can find the answers on how to hire a professional home cleaning expert here.


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