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Clean Your House Like a Professional in Just 2 Hours

Clean Your House Like a Professional in Just 2 Hours

                                  Published on August 19th, 2019

Do you ever wonder how professional house cleaners do it? They spend a few hours, and your house is magically transformed. So I sat down with a professional house cleaner and asked them to share their process.

It turns out the magic ingredient is having a good strategy!

Read on for the two-hour house clean that will get your home looking like it’s just been cleaned by a professional!

STEP 01 Deal with ‘Stuff’

The goal of this clean is to make a big change, quickly.

First, pick up or move things that will get in the way of dusting, vacuuming or mopping.

Move stuff off bathroom benches, small bins off the floor, take rugs and doormats outside to shake and put dining chairs upside down on the table (wipe the table first).

Top tip: Giving yourself a clear space makes vacuuming and mopping much faster!

STEP 02 Dust

First rule of dusting: top to bottom! Dust from the tops of shelves down, so the dust ends up on the floor.

Don’t forget to dust the fans and light fixtures.

Top tip: A fluffy duster is quicker, but a microfiber cloth removes more dirt, so choose your ‘weapon’ based on whether you’re prioritising speed or thoroughness.

STEP 03 Vacuum

Time to vacuum the whole house (including all that dirt you dusted off the shelves).

Top tip: It’s important to vacuum before doing any wet cleaning or you might just end up with mud.

STEP 04 Wet Clean

Now that the floors are vacuumed, it’s time to do your wet clean. This means any bathroom or kitchen cleaning you need to do, as well as washing windows. Most bathroom cleaners work best if given some time to sit, so I’d recommend spraying things down and moving on to a different job for 10-20 minutes.

For cleaning the shower, this natural cleaner works wonders!

You can also use the mould spray in the toilet: just let it sit for several minutes, and then sprinkle in half a cup of bicarb, scrub and flush. Full instructions here.

For a natural, DIY window cleaning solution, try this recipe and a microfiber cloth.

Top tip: Colour code your microfiber cloths so that you never get bathroom and kitchen cloths confused!

STEP 05 Mop

Mopping is the last step. This will change depending on your floors – if you have timber floors, we’d recommend mopping with minimal water, and drying the floors afterwards.

Check out these tips on how to keep your wood floors sparkling. Never use vinegar to clean a timber floor, as the acid will break down the protective coating on the floor.

Top tip: The secret with mopping is not to trap yourself! Mop yourself out of the house, by starting at the back of the house, and mopping towards the front of the house. If all goes well, you should end up at the front door, ready to tip the mop bucket out.

If you’ve planned it really well, you might even have a cup of tea and a good book waiting for you out on the veranda!


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