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why are dust mites worse during winter

Why The Dust Mite Menace Gets Worse in Winter

What are dust mites? They're creatures that feed on the skin cells we shed and c…

Family and Health

8 cleaning products you should never mix

8 Cleaning Products You Definitely Don’t Want to Mix

Be cautious like MacGyver! Mixing certain cleaning products can lead to toxic ga…

Family and Health

7 indoor plants that repel insects

7 Indoor Plants That Repel Insects

7 indoor plants to naturally repel insects and enhance your home. Say goodbye to…

Family and Health

how to remove and prevent dust mites in mattress

Be Careful Who You Go To Bed With

There is literally thousands of dust mites and their excrement hiding in your ma…

Family and Health

do not use bleach for mould removal

Why You Should Never Use Bleach for Mould Removal

Normally when you see mould growing in your house the first thing you get is ble…

Mould Cleaning Tips Family and Health

How Dirty Carpets Are Harming Your Health

How Dirty Carpets Are Harming Your Health

Having carpet in the house can benefit your health, that is if you keep it clean…

Family and Health

benefits of using rugs

Rugs, Rugs and Rugs – Why They Are so Important

Want a new rug for the home? Find out why they're so important and how they can…

Family and Health

Getting Rid of Toxic Thirdhand Smoke

Getting Rid of Toxic Thirdhand Smoke

Need to get rid of third hand smoke? It can live in your carpets and furniture f…

Family and Health

how to keep carpets clean during winter

4 Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean During Colder Months

During the colder months, carpet can really take a beating. Here are our top tip…

Carpet Care Family and Health

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