Why The Dust Mite Menace Gets Worse in Winter

Published on Jun 10, 2018

why are dust mites worse during winter

Dust-mites are horrible little creatures that like nothing better than a smorgasbord of human skin cells and a warm, dark place to hide and multiply. If that’s not disgusting enough, dust-mites have about 20 toilet stops a day (usually in our beds), leaving their toxic microscopic excrement for us to breathe in.

If you’ve had a cold in winter and the sore throat, itchy eyes and runny nose seem to be dragging on, chances are you’ve got a reaction to the toxic dust-mite droppings building up in your bed.


Why do dust mites cause allergies?


Surprisingly, it’s actually the dust-mite faeces that creates health issues for humans, not the dust-mites themselves. Dust-mite droppings contain 17 separate allergens and 7 different active enzymes that enter our lungs and respiratory system, generating a histamine or allergic reaction that usually presents in cold-like systems and often leads to increased snoring at night. For those with respiratory issues, like asthma, the repercussions can be much more severe.


How do we keep the dust mites at bay?

how to keep dust mites at bay

  1. If the winter weather isn’t too severe, open up your windows and let the light in

  2. Use a HEPA filter beater to vacuum your mattress and remove dead skin and dust-mite droppings. You’ll need to spend 10–15 minutes on each side of the mattress for good effect.

  3. Buy a UV light and hang it in the room above the bed (once the sheets have been removed for washing).


How to Rid Your Mattress of  Dust Mites

Electrodry Mattress Cleaning Technician

If you don’t have time to treat the dust-mites yourself, the Electrodry Healthy Mattress system could be your best option. The Healthy Mattress Clean treatment includes:

  1. A thorough vacuum with a beater bar HEPA filter vacuum to remove the dead skin cells and dust-mite droppings.

  2. Your mattress is cleaned with dry cleaning solutions to remove built up body oils.

  3. Our mattress and pillow stain remover is applied to treat stains.

  4. Our lavender infused Electrodry Healthy Mattress Solution is applied to treat germs, bacteria, mould and fungi and keep them away for up to 6 months.

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