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how to remove coke from carpet

How to Remove Coke from Carpet

It’s all fun and games until the soft drink ends up on the carpet! It’s dark bro…

Carpet Care DIY Cleaners

stain treatment hacks

Be The MacGyver of Stain Removal

Do you remember that episode when MacGyver used a bent paperclip to stop a missi…

DIY Cleaners

how to remove coffee stains from carpet

Removing Coffee Stains from Carpet

Knowing how to get a coffee stain out of carpet is important if you want to save…

DIY Cleaners Carpet Care

how to make your own moisturising hand sanitiser

How to Make A Natural Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

Use the 5 ingredients to make a wonderfully scented natural, moisturising hand-s…

DIY Cleaners Family and Health

diy bathroom mould remover

The Magic Bathroom Mould Cleaner You Can Make Yourself

The magic mould cleaner for bathrooms that you can make yourself. This safe and…

Mould Cleaning Tips DIY Cleaners

5 homemade cleaners you can make with simple ingredients

5 Household Cleaning Supplies You Can Make Yourself

Sick of paying money for cleaning supplies that are full of chemicals? Simple ho…

DIY Cleaners

how to use rubbing alcohol for cleaning

10 Amazing Cleaning Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

From cleaning leather to carpet, rubbing alcohol is an underrated cleaning produ…

DIY Cleaners

how to make a citrus all purpose cleaner

How To Make A Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner Using Vinegar and Citrus Peel

Want to make a natural cleaner that smells amazing and super cleaning power? Our…

DIY Cleaners

how to use castile soap for cleaning

Castile Soap: The Safe, Non-Toxic Cleaning Alternative

Want a great natural cleaner for personal use and around the home? Castile soap…

DIY Cleaners

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