How To Make A Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner Using Vinegar and Citrus Peel

Published on May 13, 2018 | Updated - Mar 14, 2024

how to make a citrus all purpose cleaner

In this blog we regularly discuss the cleaning power of vinegar. We’ve used it to treat everything from mould to windows and using vinegar and bi-carb soda did a great job cleaning my oven. The one problem with vinegar is that it smells like vinegar!

We’ve got the solution with a great recipe for an even more powerful, natural, fresh smelling all-purpose vinegar based cleaner. You're going to love it!

Citrus peel contains a compound called di-limonene, that has amazing de-greasing properties. Marinating citrus peels in white vinegar over 2 weeks releases the di-limonene, along with amazing citrus smells giving you a super-charged, great smelling natural vinegar based all-purpose cleaner. 

Even better, the combination of vinegar and citrus makes this all purpose cleaner a great natural disinfectant and de-odouriser.



How to Make A Citrus Peel All-Purpose Cleaner

how to make a citrus peel cleaner

What you'll need

  • citrus peels (enough to fill your mason jar halfway) 
  • white Vinegar (enough to fill your mason jar halfway) 
  • 1 large mason jar with lid 
  • large glass bowl 
  • spray bottle (glass is best) 
  • mesh sieve 


  1. Put all your citrus peels into a mason jar until it’s half filled. This may take a week or 2, so it’s best to keep the mason jar in the fridge.
  2. Once the jar is half full with citrus peels, fill with white vinegar and sit it in a dark cupboard for 2 weeks.
  3. Once the citrus peels have had time to do their thing, strain the vinegar using a fine mesh sieve and pour it into a bottle.
  4. To give it some extra kick? Add in a few drops of lemon essential oil.


 Directions for Use

Direction to use citrus orange cleaner

Decant your all-purpose citrus cleaner into a spray bottle. Apply as required for cleaning, allow the cleaner 20 - 30 seconds to dwell before wiping surfaces with a clean cloth.  

By allowing a short dwell time, the di-limonene from the citrus peel has the time to start breaking down grease and oils on kitchen surfaces. In addition, a 20-30 second dwell time give the anti-bacterial properties of your cleaner the opportunity to do some serious work.


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