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TilePro Tile Cleaner

$18.00 / $70.00

Product Description:

TilePro employs the latest in nano surfactant technology to create a neutral high-performance cleaner which won’t cause unwelcome haziness, streakiness or slippery residues.

Tile floors are famous for being tough, durable, water and spill resistant. They are relatively easy to maintain, as long as you are regularly mopping them with the right product.

Grout, on the other hand, can be particularly problematic, particularly the grout in areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

Regular cleaning of both your tiles and grout is important, to keep your floors bacteria and dirt free.

As a neutral cleaner, TilePro is safe, effective and will rinse off easily, leaving no residue behind. TilePro is a great way to keep your tiles and grout looking fresh between annual professional cleans.

It comes in either a 500ml or 5 litre bottle and is an extremely affordable option to keep your floors looking pristine. You can read the label or ask your Electrodry technician or team member for advice on how to use TilePro effectively for the best results.

Product Usage:

For the cleaning and maintenance of tile floors.

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