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Dr Schutz ScratchFix Repair Kit


Product Description:

When cared for properly, wood floors are an aesthetically striking element of our homes. Scratches on our floors however, whether deep or light, can be frustrating and difficult to get rid of without calling in professionals.

The Dr Schutz ScratchFix Repair Kit is an easy to use scratch repair kit for wood floors and vinyl tiles, designed to tackle deep or light scratches with minimal fuss. It is ideal for the partial renovation of scratches and stress whitening on resilient floor coverings.

The kit includes coloured hard waxes, a melting device, polyurethane pen and polishing pads. The repair pen will mend deep scratches while the kit comprises coloured options for optional matching of the gloss grade on modern floors.

Product Usage:

You will receive detailed instructions for use of the product however you can find more guidelines and information on the Dr Schutz product website.

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