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Product Description:

You can now keep our long-lasting and highly effective sanitiser in your handbag. Proven to kill 99.94% of germs, Electro-Shield Hand Sanitiser is a moisturising product that is gentle on the hands while protecting against germs for at least 30 minutes and up to 4 hours from application.

The hand sanitiser is easy to apply and you only need a small amount (50% less product per application than alcohol-based sanitisers) for it to be effective. This makes it great value, both for your health and for your wallet.

While alcohol-based sanitisers evaporate quickly, the non-alcohol formula bonds to your skin, creating a shield of protection against a wide range of bacteria and germs for up to 4 hours.

We include Healthguard biotechnology in our formulations to provide antimicrobial protection, while safely protecting your hands and skin from bacteria, mould and other microorganisms.

We’ve formulated our sanitiser so that it performs like hand lotion and won’t exacerbate dry skin or dermatitis like alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Product Usage:

It’s safe for your skin and has been independently tested and proven to successfully kill 99.94% of germs for a longer period than alcohol-based sanitisers.

We include Healthguard™ Biotechnology in our formulations to provide antimicrobial protection against a wide range of bacteria and viruses.


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Product Feedback


Jeannie, South Australia

The hand sanitizer is excellent ... you only need a very small amount ... dries quickly and makes my hands feel very soft … no offensive smell and it will last for a long time considering you don’t need to use lots.


Kellie, New South Wales

I have been using the hand sanitiser for a week or two now. I keep it in the car and use it every time I get in. I have no irritations with the product. Even after using it a number of times a day, my hands don’t feel dry.

I have been comparing it to another spray I had & I will say I prefer your product as the other product had an overpowering smell.


Simone, South Australia

Once it dries, it feels nice on the skin. I have dermatitis on my hands and it doesn’t sting like other sanitisers when applied. The smell is pleasant and not too strong.

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