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Pet Proof Your Carpet in 5 Simple Steps

Pet Proof Your Carpet in 5 Simple Steps

                                Published on October 28th, 2019

We love our four-legged friends but they certainly test our patience when they leave messes on our clean carpet.

And don’t get me started on the hair and dander they leave in their wake!

There’s no need to make the choice between clean carpet and your furry friend; just follow these five tips below.

01 Pick the Purrfect Carpet

When choosing new or replacing carpet, here are our recommendations.

Go for a cut pile, as pets’ paws get stuck in loop pile and they love to rip it up, making a real mess of your lovely flooring.

Try to pick a colour close to the shade of your pet’s fur, for obvious reasons! Slightly patterned carpet is also a great option.

Synthetic carpet is ideal (as opposed to natural, like wool) as it is much more stain resistant to stains.

Vacuum weekly to target pet hair, dander and general debris. Give any lounges your fur baby uses a once-over with vacuum regularly as well. A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter vacuum is particularly helpful if you have someone with allergies or asthma at home.

We recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year if you have pets, as a professional will ensure adequate removal of pet dander and dust mites.

02 Take Urine Stains Seriously

Even though it feels like they do it on purpose some days, when an ‘accident’ occurs, act quickly.

Urine breaks down the surface tension in the carpet, broadening the affected fibres and making it easier for the stain to reach the subfloor. This makes it near impossible to remove entirely. Here’s what you can try.

Then there’s the issue of that smell that just won’t disappear. Uric salts in the urine create that signature stench and can only be broken down with an enzymatic cleaner, such as Urine Free or Nature’s Miracle.

03 Protect Your Carpet

A good quality carpet guard spray is a great investment for your carpet. Top brands won’t affect the look or feel of your carpet but will help to repel spills and prevent dirt from sticking to carpet fibres. It will make your carpet less prone to staining and can make it much easier to clean as well.

04 Rugs for Rufus

Place rugs in your pet’s high traffic areas to prevent damage to your flooring – a rug is much easier to clean than your carpet and cheaper to replace if you need to.

If you must have your pet inside, discourage them from being on your carpeted areas by placing their things (bedding, toys etc) in other non-carpeted areas of the house.

Doormats made of straw or other slightly abrasive material at entranceways will stop some of the dirt your pet loves to bring inside.

05 Maintain Your Furry Friend

Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to minimise the damage they can do to your carpet and wipe paws clean with a microfiber hand mitt. Ensure your long-haired pets are as neatly cut as possible and brush your dog regularly with a brush suited to the breed. If shedding is a problem, it may also help to pop a cover on your pet, particular after a brush or bath.

NB: A moderate additional charge applies to disinfect the carpet backing and underlay through the injection of a specialised sanitising product and treat the stains (usually $30 per 15 minutes of treatment time). The work required to lift the carpet, replace the underlay and seal the sub-floor is quite extensive and attracts a charge of $300 to $500 per room.


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