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How to Remove Pet Wee Odour From Carpet

Published on Jun 10, 2018 | Updated - Mar 23, 2023

how to get dog urine smell out of carpet

Pet odour removal is something we’d all like to avoid in the first place.

But as the saying goes, “accidents happen!”.

Pet wee smells are pungent, they linger and just when you think you’ve gotten rid of them, on a damp day they come back stronger than ever.

This is what you need to know about pet odour removal.


Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Urine Stains

diagram of urine on carpet

  • Depending on what the animal has consumed, if the urine is left in the carpet for a long period of time, the urine stain may oxidise the carpet dye changing the colour of the carpet and creating a permanent stain.

  • Often, an animal will return to the same spot regularly, which can make pet odour removal difficult. This is why. Urine penetrates into your carpet’s underlay and sometimes the sub-floor. If this has occurred, then you will need a professional carpet cleaner who specialises in urine odour removal.

  • Act fast when an accident occurs, and you may be able to prevent both the pet wee stain and the pet wee odour.

  • If your beloved pet has returned to the same area once or twice, this odour can usually be treated and removed, even if the urine has dried.


How To Remove Pet Urine Smell

One of the most important facts when it comes to pet wee odour removal is to act promptly for your best chance of treating it.

It’s much easier to remove all traces of the urine if you get to the stain when it’s fresh.


For Fresh Urine Stains

how to treat fresh urine on carpet

It’s much easier to remove all traces of the urine if you get to the stain when it’s fresh.

For fresh stains try these steps.

  1. Blot gently with a towel, being careful not to press too hard.

  2. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid in warm water, cleanse the affected area and then dry by placing an absorbent towel on the stain whilst standing on it to add the right amount of pressure.

  3. We recommend using a safe carpet cleaning solution to ensure all traces of the urine are removed. Something like the Electro 3 Spot and Stain Remover works a treat.


For Dried Urine

how to treat dried urine

If you aren’t around when the accident occurs and the stain has dried, here is what you can try. You’ll need to re-hydrate the urine so that it can be removed during the below process.

The following method should effectively treat the stain and the odour.

  1. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda onto the stain, leave for 20 minutes and vacuum thoroughly.

  2. Mix 1 cup white vinegar with 2 cups warm water and pour slowly onto the affected area. This should help to break down the uric salts and odour causing bacteria.

  3. Use towels to soak the water up. We suggest using large beach towels folded over several times, add pressure to the affected area to remove as much moisture as possible

  4. Sponge with warm water and dry thoroughly.


How To Stop Your Pet From Peeing Inside The House

how to prevent your pet from peeing inside your home

This article from Spruce Pets gives some great advice on how to stop your pets from urinating in your home but here are a few quick things you can try.

  • Increase potty breaks

  • Identify any triggers that could be causing your animal to urinate where they are and try to mitigate those where possible.

  • Retraining

If your animal continues to urinate inside, there may be health issues at play and it might be worth taking your pet to the vet.


Does dog urine smell ever go away?

If the smell still remains then we suggest using an odour-eating enzyme spray such as E-pet Odour Eliminator (available in the Electrodry online store) or a store-bought Enzyme based product for treating urine odours.

These products use enzymes to break down the uric salts and odour-causing bacteria. Pet odour removal products such as these can vary in effectiveness and may only treat the carpet fibres and not the backing, which is why vinegar and baking soda work so well.

Unfortunately, if the animal has visited the area on multiple occasions, the urine is likely to have penetrated into the underlay and will be very hard to remove. If your attempts to remove the odour prove unsuccessful, then we suggest calling a carpet cleaner who specialises in odour treatment.

Electrodry technicians utilise specialised equipment to identify where the urine stain has happened, pinpointing where the treatment occurs for the best possible chance of a great result.

For years, Electrodry has been finetuning its stain removal products, ensuring a great outcome. Urine is unfortunately one of the more tenacious stains; sections of the carpet may need to be replaced if the urine has penetrated deep into the subfloor.

Call the Electrodry Professional Carpet Cleaning team on 13 27 13 or book a service online.

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