Our 5 Favourite Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Published on Feb 18, 2020 | Updated - Jan 30, 2023

how to keep your bathroom clean

Cleaning the bathroom on a weekly basis is one of the most despised household tasks that is equal parts disgusting and laborious.

These are the five bathroom cleaning hacks that are going to completely change your cleaning routine. The focus here is that you need to work smarter, not harder.

Here are five of our favourite bathroom cleaning hacks.


The Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Getting the bathroom hygienic and fresh takes a large portion of the weekly cleaning routine. It’s a given that it’s going to be unpleasant. Check out these bathroom cleaning tips to really shake things up.


cleaning bathroom sink

1. Do it daily

Instead of a 2-hour cleaning marathon (usually on your weekend!), spread your cleaning across the week. You’re in the bathroom at least a couple of times a day anyway; why not make the most of your time?

Put some easy-to-grab cleaning items in your bathroom that you can utilise when you have a spare moment.


Tips to Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

  • Put a shower cleaning product (or a 1:1 vinegar and water mix with 10 drops of an essential oil) in the shower caddy, next to your shampoo. Try out our refreshing peppermint shower spray here.

  • Make sure there is a squeegee in there too, and after each shower or bath, give your screen a quick spritz and wipe down. It’s a one-minute job that will keep your shower screen nice and shiny and make it less of a mission during your weekly clean.

  • Keep disinfectant wipes on the vanity for the occasional wipe down of your taps, sink and benchtop. This will give you peace of mind that your surfaces are disinfected, even if you don't get around to cleaning the bathroom once a week.

  • You can also keep your toilet hygienic – swish some around and give it a quick scrub every couple of days. This will help maintain freshness and minimise hard water stains, while minimising your chances of having to tackle anything too ‘nasty’ if you’re only cleaning once a week.


bathroom cleaning products

2. Broaden your cleaning product artillery

The key to any great cleaning routine is to make use of what you likely already have at home.

These alternative cleaning products will do an awesome and efficient job.

Alternative Natural Bathroom Cleaners

  • Did you know that toothpaste is not just for cleaning teeth? This extensive list of toothpaste cleaning hacks will impress you but one of our favourites is using it to polish your taps and faucets. Just be sure to use a microfiber cloth for stainless steel.

  • Mix Eucalyptus Essential Oil and warm water (we recommend a glass spray bottle if you can track one down) to spray your sink, toilet and shower. Eucalyptus is a natural antibacterial and disinfectant, making it the perfect scrubbing companion and one of our favourite bathroom cleaning hacks.

  • Have your kids grown up but you still have baby oil hiding in the back of a cleaning cupboard? Use it! Wipe down your taps with vinegar first to target germs, before a good buff with baby oil makes your stainless-steel really shine.

  • Cleaning the bath can be an awkward task. Use a designated broom to effectively scrub hard-to-reach places of your tub. Just make sure you give the broom a thorough clean between each use. I personally love this one - there is nothing more uncomfortable than scrubbing a bathtub on your hands and knees.


bathroom drain

3. Keep the drains fresh

A few easy bathroom cleaning hacks here.

Grab the trusty baking soda and sprinkle some into your drain and around its rim as well. Let it sit for around half an hour before rinsing away with boiling water. It is a quick job but absolutely worthwhile because it’s so effective.

So why does it work? Baking Soda does a great job of absorbing odours to keep your drain smelling fresh.

Another tip? Place a piece of old stocking (that water will still flow through) over your bath or shower drain to catch hair before it clogs up the pipe.


humid shower

4. Minimise humidity

Keeping the air flowing in what is one of the busiest rooms in the house is important.

Here’s why. Steamy showers, very little air circulation and a lot of moisture provides the perfect environment for mould to thrive.

As many people know, mould is your bathroom’s worst enemy and minimising humidity is a crucial antidote to preventing or slowing down its growth.

Keeping the bathroom fan or the exhaust on while you shower or run a bath, open up your windows as much as possible and clean your shower curtain regularly (if you have one).

You should also be checking for mould regularly and tackling smaller infestations as soon as possible.



organised bathroom cleaning supplies

5. Get organised

Being organised before a clean will make the process run much smoother – trust us!

Develop a bathroom cleaning product bucket to be kept in the bathroom or somewhere you can easily grab it when you need to. Think of how much more convenient it will be when your supplies are close by.

Ensure all of your products and tools are sorted and stocked – nothing worse than a cleaning mood striking and not having enough toilet cleaner, window cleaner etc to finish the job.

This means you have everything you need ready to go for optimum efficiency.

Cleaning order is key. When you are doing your big weekly clean:

Step-by-Step Bathroom Cleaning Guide

  1. Start by applying cleaners that need to sit for an amount of time to work effectively.

  2. Remove everything off the floor, and from the shower and vanity. All surfaces should be clear.

  3. Sweep the floors, remembering areas like corners and behind the toilet.

  4. Clean glass, including shower screens and mirrors.

  5. Clean the exterior of the toilet, and give the toilet bowl a good scrub and flush.

  6. Give the shower or tub a thorough clean, including the walls.

  7. Wipe down all surfaces and taps/faucets, including the vanity.

  8. Mop and once dry, return all items. Give soap dishes, products etc a wipe down before placing them back in the shower or vanity to avoid dirtying items right after you’ve cleaned them.



How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

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