How to Remove Mustard Stains from Carpet

Published on Nov 18, 2018

how to get mustard stains out of carpet

Let me set the scene. You’ve got some friends over, happily enjoying a barbecue in the backyard. You’re grabbing some condiments from the kitchen – sure you’ve probably tried to carry too many in one trip but it will be fine … until the brightly coloured mustard slips out of your hands, slowly crashing onto the carpet splashing turmeric yellow all over the place. Nightmare!

Mustard contains turmeric, which is a yellow dye that is found naturally in mustard seeds but may also be added to the mustard during processing. Unfortunately turmeric can be really difficult to remove from carpet. Your best bet is to act quickly!


How to Get Mustard Stains Out of Carpet

You can also use this process if you’ve dropped a curry on the carpet.


What you'll need

  • paper towels
  • butter knife
  • lemon
  • white vinegar
  • clean cloth



how to remove mustard from carpet

  1. Gently scrape off any excess from the carpet with the blunt side of a butter knife.

  2. Squeeze some lemon onto a clean white cloth and dab, then roll across the stain. Don’t aggressively rub the area, as tempting as it may be. It’ll just make the stain worse and push it further into the carpet fibres!

  3. Lemon not doing the trick? Try white vinegar, using the same application method as above. Remember to dab gently as it’s really easy for the stain to be unintentionally worked further into the carpet fibres.

  4. Be patient – it may take some time for the stain to start to fade.

The above process should remove or fade the stain for you. Be patient and keep going as long as you’re seeing results. Still not happy with the results? Electro 3 Spot and Stain Cleaner is a great product to have tucked away in the cupboard for times like these. You could also give Electrodry Carpet Cleaning a call for some expert advice and help removing the stain.

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