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5 Amazing Uses for Coffee Grounds

5 Amazing Uses for Coffee Grounds

For Aussies, coffee is a way of life. Your local barista knows you by name, and knows exactly how you like your perfectly blended, overpriced Flat White – it’s a guarantee. We talk about how Aussies don’t do crappy or even average coffees and take a little delight in the decline of the big American coffee chains like Starbucks.

At home, many of us have our own machine and it’s safe to say the beans will have come from remote third world countries, where plantations are inaccessible by roads and grown at the perfect altitude. It’s embedded in our culture, we breathe, dream and love coffee!

But as you can imagine there is much more to coffee! As cleaning people, Electrodry have done some research and found a few uses for coffee beans around the house and garden. Here are our top 5 uses for coffee grounds:

1. Air Freshener

Coffee grounds are great at absorbing foul smelling odours. Sprinkle some in hubby’s shoes, have a pot in the loo or grab a pinch to remove smells from dirty hands. And to top it off, your new perfect homemade air-freshener is ground beans inside a pair of your old stockings.

2. Veggie Garden

If you love your veggie garden and like to keep it all-natural, your old ground up coffee beans are the perfect partner. Their bitterness and strong aroma will keep away snails and slugs, while attracting worms which will work the soil and make it more fertile. Added to the compost heap the grounds will boost nitrogen & magnesium levels helping you create the perfect fertilizer.

3. Pots, Pans, And Grills

Coffee grounds can also be used to scrub dirt and grime. It’s abrasive but not harsh, making it safe to use. It can be used on pots and pans or to cleanse away tough dirt from tiles and kitchen counters. Keep in mind that coffee grounds can potentially stain some surfaces so test it first on an inconspicuous spot.

4. Wood Stain

Go all natural! Coffee grounds can be used as an alternative to expensive wood stain solutions. Cover up scratches on your wooden furniture by staining the scratched area with a homemade coffee ground stain mixture. Soak the ground beans in hot water and use a cloth to apply several coasts. When dried you will find the colour a few shades darker.

5. Fireplace Cleaner

Cleaning the fireplace is a horrid task but your love of coffee will help. Sprinkling your fireplace with damp coffee grounds to weigh down all the dust and ash will prevent it from spreading. Thank heaven for the latte – how easy is that!


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