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E-Liminate Surface Sanitiser (500ml)


Product Description:

You can now use Electrodry’s long-acting sanitiser at home as part of your daily cleaning routine. Our long-acting surface sanitiser is proven to kill 99.9% of germs, providing protection for you and your family.

E-liminator Surface Sanitiser will adhere to your surfaces and continue targeting germs for up to 24 hours from application. It will leave behind an invisible anti-microbial shield, creating a layer of protection against a range of bacteria and germs.

The surface spray formulation has been developed using nanotechnology, and works by filling crevices in surfaces, and shielding against bacteria until the product wears down or dirt/dust covers the product layer.

E-liminator Surface Sanitiser is a Quaternary ammonium compound, a cationic (carries a positive charge) surfactant that penetrates cell walls after long contact times.

Product Usage:

This product is safe to use directly on most resilient surfaces around your home such as glass, metals, laminates, timbers, polishes, plastics, vinyl, powder coat and enamel.

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We include Healthguard™ Biotechnology in our formulations to provide antimicrobial protection against a wide range of bacteria and viruses.


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