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Why You Always Need Vodka In The Dining Room

Why You Always Need Vodka In The Dining Room

Vodka is an ancient recipe all the way from Eastern Europe, but you may be surprised to know that it is also on the list of elite natural cleaning products. This potent cleanser is able to cut and remove grease and oil, eliminate stains, refresh fabrics and act as a powerful disinfectant.

With so many of today’s disinfectants containing harmful chemicals, it’s refreshing to have such an effective cleaner right in our booze cabinet. Unlike many commercial cleaners, vodka is safe to ingest, (although as many have discovered, it may have adverse affects if you drink too much). Regardless, now we have the perfect excuse to do the house cleaning whilst having a martini! Check out our amazing cleaning tips below.

For obvious reasons, you should be extra careful if using this around a home with children or pets.

7 Amazing Uses for Vodka:

1. Freshen Upholstery


With normal use, upholstered dining chairs may get damp and develop a musty smell. Sweat on the fabric could attract bacteria, leading to foul odours, and spills from drinks or food sauce will also eventually lead to pungent smelling dining chairs. For this purpose, you can use vodka in a spray bottle to spritz upholstered furniture. If your upholstery is stained, pure vodka spray may be able to lift various stains. If you can't remove stains, however, consider calling in Electrodry's Upholstery Cleaning experts. The Electrodry team will customise its cleaning practise to suit your lounge's fabric. The technicians have undergone extensive training to ensure that our customer's needs are met and that your lounge gets the possible clean.

2. Room Scent Diffuser


I bet you never thought you could use liquor as a room diffuser! But with vodka, this too is possible! Just mix vodka with some water, mineral oil, and your favourite essential oil and you’re good to go. There is a great range of essential oils that can create atmosphere in your home, with many relaxing and delectable scents available. Go here for the full tutorial on how to make a vodka room diffuser. Just make sure to keep out children’s reach to prevent the little ones from drinking the solution. 

3. Window Cleaner


Mixed with water, vodka is a very good glass and window cleaner. Just mix one part water with one part vodka in a spray bottle and give mirrors, glass, and windows a streak-free sparkle! If your dining room windows have mould and mildew on them, you can mix the same solution and use a toothbrush to scrub them clean. You may need to work hard at it. If the mould stain proves to be more persistent, consider using vodka straight up. That should knock the mould out cold.

4. Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant


Forget chemical disinfectants that kill germs but leave chemical toxins behind. Make use of lemon or orange peels and soak them in a jar of vodka for a few weeks to let the vodka extract the citric acid from the peels. Place the solution in a spray bottle and use on tabletops and dining chairs to quickly clean and disinfect surfaces. Not only does it smell lovely, it also cleans effectively.

5. Oil and Grease Cutter


Grease and oil can’t be helped when dealing with food. Whether you're cooking or eating, mess inevitably ends up being made. Get rid of grease and oil using a solution of equal parts water and vodka. You can either spray the solution directly onto the surface or apply it using a cloth rag. You can use it on greasy door knobs, pots, pans, trays, and utensils. Just take care when applying.

6. Carpet Stain Remover

Aside from dissolving dirt, cutting grease, and killing germs, vodka is also an effective tool to remove carpet stains, including grass, ink, some food stains, and red wine. Just blot the area with a clean, white cloth to remove any standing liquid. Be careful not to rub as this could push the spill deeper or spread the stain to an even bigger area. Dip a soft, clean white cloth in pure vodka and dab at the stained area. Leave the cloth over the area for a couple of minutes then blot dry using a white clean cloth. This method works on rugs, upholstered furniture and even mattresses. 

7. Air Deodoriser and Insect Repellent

Freshly cooked meals give off a pleasing aroma that enhances our appetite. But in poorly ventilated kitchens, the air can become stale with the lingering odour of old meals. Instead of reaching for that run of the mill air freshener, try vodka as a deodorising solution first. Straight up vodka will cut through that pongy smell and disinfect the dining room. It will also work well as a bug repellent or exterminator, as the potent alcohol content is enough to send creepy crawlers scurrying away. Add some lavender essential oils to safely use it, even on yourself! The lavender will not only add a relaxing and pleasing scent but will also add to the insect repelling properties of vodka.


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