How to Remove Chocolate Topping from Carpet

Published on Nov 13, 2018

how to get chocolate sauce out of carpet

So you’re getting ready for a relaxing night in, eating ice cream and watching a movie with the family, and then, disaster! Someone spilt chocolate topping on the carpet!


How to Remove Chocolate Sauce Stains from Carpet

chocolate sauce stain on carpet

Well don’t panic, I’ve recreated this very scenario in the Electrodry lab, and formulated a process for removing chocolate sauce stains using a handful of items you’ll find in your kitchen. You want to work to remove the stain immediately, as stains always become harder to remove over time.

Because chocolate topping is acidic, we need an acid to remove the stain. Lemon juice and white vinegar both work well, although in my experiments the vinegar was slightly more effective. Here are the steps:


What you'll need

  • butter knife or spoon

  • roll of toilet paper

  • lemon juice or white vinegar

  • warm water

  • dishwashing liquid

  • clean white or colourfast towel, or paper towel


chocolate sauce stain on carpet being cleaned


  1. Using the blunt side of a butter knife, gently scrape up the excess chocolate topping, wiping the knife frequently on a paper towel. Don’t scrape too hard and stop as soon as the knife stops collecting chocolate topping.
  2. Roll a roll of toilet paper firmly across the affected area. This should collect some more chocolate.

  3. Cut a lemon and squeeze into a small container. Pour some lemon juice onto a section of a white or colourfast towel (not directly onto the carpet). Use the towel to dab at the stain, using a rolling motion. Be careful not to use a rubbing or scrubbing motion, as this will just spread the stain! Frequently move to a clean part of the cloth and apply more lemon juice. Keep going until there is no more transfer of chocolate onto the cloth. Be patient! This method is very effective but can take a while.
  4. To rinse the lemon juice or vinegar from the carpet, simply mix warm water with a little dishwashing liquid, and apply to the carpet with a clean cloth. Then, fold a dry towel in half and lay it over the area. Apply pressure by standing on it, soaking up the lemon juice/vinegar and water. If the carpet still smells like the acid, repeat.
  5. Assist drying by opening windows or pointing a fan at the damp carpet for an hour or two.


Hopefully these steps will have removed all signs of the chocolatey mess! If for some reason there is still a stain, our Electrodry stain removal experts should be able to help, using specially formulated dry cleaning products. Call us on 13 27 13 to book a carpet clean. But don’t delay, as the longer you leave the stain, the harder it will be to get good results.

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