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How To Remove Beer From Carpet?

How To Remove Beer From Carpet?

Why does Beer create a stain?

Beer spills occur all the time. Often we think we’ve dealt with the stain, just by soaking it up, but if we don’t break down and remove the sugar in the beer, we often end up with an ugly dark stain. After the beer has dried out, dirt keeps sticking to the sugar in the beer residue, creating ugly dark splotches that often require professional cleaning to be removed.

Just like any other stain, the faster you attend to it, the easier and the more you get out off the carpet.

Here is a quick fix for your beer problem:

Step 1 (For a fresh beer spill):

Using a paper towel or a clean absorbent cloth, blot-up as much beer as you can. Use pressure by standing on the towel for better absorption. Repeat as necessary until there is no further transfer of beer to the towel.

Step 1 (Step 1 for dried beer spills):

A dried beer spill will often appear as a dark patch. If you have Electro 3 carpet spot and stain remover, spray onto the stain, wiping one way and then the opposite way. Repeat this process twice. If you don’t have Electro 3 then apply rubbing alcohol, such as Icinol, to a cloth and wipe over the stain in one direction and repeat wiping in the other direction. Repeat at 90 degrees so that the whole fibre is treated. The rubbing alcohol or Electro 3 stain remover will help remove the sugar residue enabling permanent removal of the stain.

Step 2:

Mix a solution of water and dishwashing liquid; a litre of warm water with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Sponge the stain with the solution then blot up with a white cloth or paper towel.

Step 3:

Rinse the carpet by sponging cold water then blot dry with a fresh paper towel or white cloth. Repeat this process.

If in doubt call the professionals at Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning. We use dry cleaning technology to remove all kinds of stains. But act fast - beer stains get harder to remove if left for too long.


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