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How Grout Re-Colouring Can Refresh Your Home

How Grout Re-Colouring Can Refresh Your Home

Changing the colour of your grout in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry can give your home a completely new look and feel. Grout re-colouring hides years of wear and tear while making a serious design statement. Turning your grey grout white will give your bathroom, kitchen or laundry an open, airy feel, while champagne-coloured grout gives a warm, elegant touch.

Let Our Technicians Transform Your Grout

 Gone are the days when the only way to refresh your grout was to have it all replaced. Replacing grout is expensive and takes a long time, creating a lot of mess in the process. 

Well not anymore! With Electrodry's Grout Re-colouring service, you can refresh your tiled areas without all the fuss of removing and replacing grout. You get to choose a grout colour from over 30 colours and leave the rest to our technicians. The process takes 1-2 days, and is just a fraction of the cost of replacing grout. And there's no dust, loud noise or chipped tiles. Book a service today

How Does A Grout Re-Colour Work?

Step 1. Select a coloured grout to match your tiles. We have a huge range of colours to choose from, with lots of tones ranging from white and black to champagne, grey, blue and everything in between.

Step 2. After your tiles and grout are cleaned, your Electrodry technician will apply a coloured sealant to the grout by hand. The new colour and the sealant are now part of the grout. This means that any dirt will sit on the top of the grout, rather than being ground into the grout, making cleaning a much simpler process.

Step 3. Once the sealant has set, the Electrodry technician applies a neutral cleaner to the grout to make sure no marks or streaks are left behind. This also removes any excess colourant that was applied during the colouring process.

Important Things to Know About Grout Re-Colouring

Before re-colouring your tiles, the grout needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The Electrodry Technician will explain the grout cleaning process to you during your appointment. Grout is very porous, so it is important that before we apply a new colour we remove all soiling, grime and contaminants.

The grout re-colouring process is permanent and comes with a 10-year warranty (5 years for bathrooms and wet areas). The sealant works as a guard against soiling and discolouration.

Refresh & Add Value To Your Home

If you are considering a home makeover, then grout re-colouring could be the no-fuss way to transform the look of your tiled rooms.

Grout re-colour can also add value to your home when planning to sell. Not only does the grout re-colour look amazing when complete but it also has added benefits with cleaning.

Want to Know More?

If you would like more information about the Electrodry Tile and Grout Cleaning and re-colouring process, watch our YouTube video on Tile and Grout Cleaning and Re-Colouring.

You can book your Electrodry Tile and Grout Cleaning or re-colouring service using the button below.



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