Declutter Your Loungeroom in 7 Minutes

Published on Jul 19, 2021

Declutter Your Loungeroom in 7 Minutes

It may not seem like it but 7 minutes is a long time if you dig in and work quickly.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done.

Whether you’ve got a spare 7 minutes while the kids are eating breakfast or like to do a quick tidy before bed, you can keep on top of the clutter with minimal effort.


Clearing the Clutter Starts Now ...

Things to have nearby to help make this a worthwhile exercise include your cleaning spray and a cloth (yes, you’ll have time to declutter and clean), a stick or handheld vacuum, or a broom depending on what flooring you have.

Start the clock!


Minutes 1 and 2

chair and side tables

Put things back where they belong.

Depending on the mess and the size of your home, you may need to put your running shoes on to get this first step done in a couple of minutes.​

Do a quick scan of the loungeroom and relocate anything that doesn’t belong in that room. It might be a washing basket, an empty coffee mug, or shoes and toys that need to go back into the bedrooms.

You’re not expected to get washing folded or put away during these 2 minutes. Just put it in another location (future you can deal with that later) so that you can focus on getting your loungeroom in great shape.


Minute 3

oraganise storage

Make your storage systems simple.

This one may have required a little bit of forward-thinking but your storage systems need to be on point for decluttering to be simple.

Spend this minute either putting things away into existing storage or assessing your loungeroom for how you could be creating more storage in your space.

These are our tips:

  • Think about what storage options you may have around the home that could be better utilised. We recently repurposed an old coffee table for a children’s toy set up (Lego on top, games and puzzles stored on the shelf underneath) in the corner of our loungeroom – it’s made a huge difference.

  • Look at storage ottomans as an option. They’re really affordable now, with a range of options available online and at stores like Fantastic Furniture.

  • Blanket boxes are not just great for storing blankets. You can store books or DVDs you don’t use regularly, as well as items such as school bags or big jackets. Keeping these items out of the way mean they aren’t cluttering your space when you’re not using them. This article offers some other great storage options for your lounge room.


Minutes 4 and 5

woman vacuuming floors

Fast floor tidy-up.

Once you get into the habit of decluttering regularly, you should have enough time to do a (very) speedy clean of your floors and surfaces as well.

Grab your vacuum (a stick or handheld option is ideal) and give your living room floors a once over. Vacuuming more regularly, particularly in heavy traffic areas like the living room, gets rid of dust and allergens before they build up. This is especially important if you have pets at home or someone who suffers from asthma or allergies.

If you have hard floors, a quick sweep will suffice.


Minute 6

hand wiping tv rack

Dust all surfaces.

Pick up your cleaner of choice and your cloth and give all of your hard surfaces a spray and wipe down. Dusting is another one of those jobs that aren’t too hard when you keep on top of it.

Depending on how many surfaces you have, this is a really easy task that can make a huge difference to the overall cleanliness and feel of your home.


Minute 7

hand arranging home decorations

Reshuffle/Straighten Up

Time for the finishing touches. For me, it’s folding blankets, fluffing and relocating cushions and straightening up decorations like lamps, photo frames or candles. And you’re done!


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