A Practical Guide to Repel Mosquitoes This Summer

Published on Feb 8, 2021

A Practical Guide to Repel Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitoes love the weather we’re having at the moment.

Rain combined with warm afternoons make for a sticky, humid mosquito breeding wonderland, creating hordes of mozzies ready to chomp on you and your family during your next BBQ.

There are a few simple ways that you can make your summer mozzie free.


Mosquito Fun Facts


How to Repel Mosquitoes from Your Home

Citronella Candles

Citronella Candle

Citronella is known for repelling mosquitoes because it masks the scents that the little critters are attracted to. While they are one of the more popular repellent options, it is important to invest in a good quality product.

The Citronella formula needs to be correct for the product to work effectively and as with most things, you get what you pay for!


hand getting mint leaves


Some plants produce scents that mosquitoes can’t stand. Some of these include mint, marigold, lemon trees, basil and lavender.

Set up some planter boxes on the deck and near the door. Not only will these plants help keep the mozzies away, but they will look pretty as well.


hands mixing essential oils

Essential Oils

While we don’t recommend applying essential oils directly onto the skin, they are a great option if you have a diffuser at home. You’ll only need 10 or so drops of your favourite scent for the desired effect. We recommend lemon, lavender, tea tree, peppermint, basil and lemongrass.

They can do a fantastic job of repelling mosquitoes and will make your home smell wonderful as well.


locked window

Set Up Your Home

Fans are an optimal choice for repelling mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are weak fliers and a fan will blow around those human scents they are attracted to, making it tough for them to home in on their prey.

Check your flyscreens aren’t damaged - you'd be surprised how many have holes in them. Ensure that doors to the outside aren’t left open during peak mozzie times.

The pests like to breed in shallow water, so remove containers that are holding water, such as empty plant pots or buckets, from your backyard.


women looking at the window

Plan Your Day

Try to avoid going out at dusk and early in the morning. For most species, these are their preferred times of the day and you'll be highly susceptible at this time. They hide during direct sunlight hours as sun exposure dehydrates them.


hand choosing outfit

Make the Right Outfit Choice

Wear loose fitting and lightly coloured clothing if you’re out and about as mosquitoes are drawn to darker colours. Wear socks and shoes where possible.


How to Treat Mosquito Bites

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, the mosquitos have found you and those all too familiar itchy bumps have popped up on your skin. They can be frustrating, particularly when you are trying to get to sleep on a warm summer's night.

Here’s how to relieve that itch and speed up the healing process.

little girl with  mosquito bites in her arm

  • Ice: Place on your bites for 10 minutes or so, to help reduce inflammation and take away that itching sensation.

  • Bi-Carb Soda: This alkaline powder neutralises the PH levels of your bites, relieving the itchiness. Make a paste with a little warm water and apply to the affected area. You’ll need to leave the paste on for up to half an hour before rinsing off. I used this trick recently with my young daughter and it worked a treat - no more itching (or complaining!).

  • Aloe Vera: The antiseptic properties of Aloe Vera gel will help to reduce the swelling and help you heal quicker. Pop the gel in the fridge for 5 minutes before applying for extra relief.

  • Honey: Just a little honey will suffice on the spot. Honey has antibacterial properties, helping to fight infection and reduce inflammation.

Remember to visit a doctor if the bites appear infected or if you are feeling generally unwell.


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