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A Funny Carpet Stain Removal Story

A Funny Carpet Stain Removal Story

I ran into a friend of mine recently who I hadn’t seen in 6 months. He was telling me that his cat recently had an “accident” inside and did a No 2 on the carpet. He said the first thing he did was pick up as much of the solid poo as he could (a great start), but after that, he didn’t know what to do, but he really wanted to get rid of the mark and the smell.


In a panic, the first thing he did was spray the carpet with Easy Off Bam. This got out the poo stain but it left an orange colour on the carpet. To get rid of the stain, he used Gumption. “I really rubbed it into the stain with a scrubbing brush,” my friend told me. It seemed to get the orange out but there was a big white patch where the gumption was still in the carpet.


To get the Gumption out, he placed a wet cloth on the mark and ironed over it with a hot iron to try to transfer the Gumption to the cloth. Eventually, he got the gumption out but the orange mark was even worse.


What he did wrong:

I’d like to thank Ray for letting me share his story. Ray has wool carpet and the Easy Off Bam chemically burnt the carpet, which is a problem that cannot be reversed. Accidents like this happen all the time, and unfortunately, when the stain is not treated correctly, the result can be bleached carpet or a permanent stain.

How to avoid this kind of mistake:

Electrodry has published a series of stain removal tips on our blog site that you can access at any time. Bookmark the page and next time you have an accident and you need some professional carpet cleaning, you might be able to find the help you need on our site. If we don’t have the answer you need, you can always give us a call and we can help over the phone.

NB: Easy Off Ban and Gumption are both fantastic cleaning products, but they are not designed to be used on carpet.


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