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6 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Published on Wednesday, October 6, 2021

6 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Getting your chores done can be such a … well … chore. With some of our states in lockdown for a little longer and with the season of new beginnings underway, it’s the perfect time to show your home some love.

If you can’t seem to get into the spirit of spring cleaning, however, these fun-inducing tips might just turn things around.


1 Create a Cleaning Playlist

Electrodry Blog - Cleaning while listening to music tips

As children in pre-school, we sang songs while we cleaned, making putting things away into a fun game. Entertaining yourself while you scrub may just bring some joy back into your everyday tasks.

Create a housework playlist with all your favourites (hello, 80s power ballads) and the time will fly by. Spotify has some great playlists already curated literally named 'Housework Hits' so you shouldn't have any trouble finding tunes to clean along to.

You could also listen to a podcast or the audio version of a book you've been meaning to read in a while.


2 Workout While You’re Wiping

Electrodry - 6 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun - Workout While youre Wiping

Tick two things off your to-do list by incorporating exercise into your cleaning.

Tick two things off your to-do list by incorporating exercise into your cleaning. Big circles while cleaning your shower screen will strengthen arm muscles, do some lunges while vacuuming or take a break between tasks to do some sit-ups or push-ups as fun ways to get fit and get your jobs done.

Another way to get your heart rate going is by setting a timer to 10 minutes and getting as many little tasks or things away as you can. Not only is it great cardio, but it may also motivate you to get a little more housework done once you’ve started.


3 Get Some New Gear

Electrodry 6 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun - Get Some New Gear

Nothing motivates you more than having some fancy new equipment to speed up the cleaning.

Whether it's a spray mop, vacuum cleaner, or a smart home gadget, having a new toy to play with will ensure those chores get completed in record time.

Assess your current tools (brushes, brooms etc) and invest in a few new items that will make your cleaning routine more efficient and a whole lot more exciting.

Electrodry - Power Scrubber

This power scrubber cleaning kit is one of our favourites – just make sure you’re following the user’s manual.


 Another way to ignite your love for cleaning is to invest in some new cleaning products. Check out this list of Choice's best and worst cleaners for a little inspiration.


4 Catch Up on Phone Calls

Electrodry Tips for Spring Cleaning Fun - Catch Up On Phone Calls

Haven't spoken to a certain friend for a while? Set up a time to give them a bell, pop the phone on speaker and get moving.

Not only will you have caught up with a pal, but you'll also have another job done – now that's multi-tasking.


5 Give Your Routine Some Meaning

Electrodry Tips - Give your Routine Some Meaning

Find the joy in cleaning again by thinking about your "why". Keeping a house clean isn't just about ticking a job off a list. Do you want to create a healthy home for the family? Get better organised so you have a little more time in your day? Or it may just be that you want to show you're grateful for your home by looking after it. Changing your perspective can make a world of difference.

You can also make your routine a little more fun by splitting up your tasks across the week, rather than your weekly clean taking up your entire Saturday.

Another tip is to get the kids involved in the cleaning to lessen the load for yourself. You can make it fun for them, too. Here are 5 cleaning jobs your kids can help out with:


5 Cleaning Jobs Kids Can Do Around the Home



6 Treat Yourself

Electrodry Tips - Treat Yourself

Having your own personal reward system is a huge motivator. It doesn't have to be anything major; enjoy an episode or two of your favourite tv show on your freshly cleaned lounge, take a bath, or enjoy a cup of tea in the sunshine.

You could also take your house-love to the next level by purchasing something for your home, such as a delicious-smelling candle, cushions, a small piece of furniture or new placemats. It feels like a reward but you're also further beautifying your abode, and that's a win-win for everyone.

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