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5 Cheap Ways to Breathe Life into Your Bedroom

5 Cheap Ways to Breathe Life into Your Bedroom

Whether you’re keeping the family healthy or getting ready for the upcoming winter months, now is the perfect time to give a dull, tired bedroom a brilliant makeover.

There are a few easy ways you can completely change the look of your bedroom on a tight budget. Get started on our five pointers below for the bedroom that dreams are made of

1 Inject a Little Personality

Pick up a quirky lamp at a second-hand store, or a throw rug for your bed to add some personality without too much commitment. You could also grab a couple of cheap cushions to add a splash of colour to a bland bedroom. Fantastic Furniture has a range of on-trend colours for reasonable prices, ranging from $9-$35.

2. Update Your Linens

You’d be surprised what a difference higher thread counts can make to your bed’s comfort levels. Good quality sheets are definitely worth investing in and are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be. You can pick up a queen-size 1000-thread count set at Target for just $89.

A new doona cover set could also really brighten up a dull bedroom. Pick something different to what you usually do, to complement the new throw rug or lamp you’ve picked up during your makeover session.

3. Give Your Mattress a Healthy Makeover

A dirty mattress could be the reason for that runny nose or pesky cough that won’t go away. Your mattress may be home to thousands of dust-mites whose excrement can cause a range of health problems.

An Electrodry Healthy Mattress Clean is a really affordable way to freshen up your mattress and improve your sleep. And at just from $119 for a queen-size mattress, it’s a total bargain!

4. Create a Feature Wall

Embrace your inner Picasso and throw some colour on your wall. It doesn’t need to be extreme; you’d be surprised how just a slightly different shade can revive the overall vibe of your room. Geometry wallpaper is popular right now, and really easy to do! Whether you want to do a paint job or experiment with wallpaper, Bunnings can help out with some great DIY tips for the novices among us.

5. Bring The ‘Outdoors’ In

Have you ever thought about having a plant in your bedroom? Me neither! But there’s a great range of indoor plants available at most nurseries that require minimal maintenance and can create a calming atmosphere for sleep. As an added bonus, certain varieties of indoor plants are known to improve air quality by absorbing potentially harmful toxins, while others are great at keeping insects away.

Most of these jobs can be done over a couple of days, making this the perfect indoor activity for a rainy weekend. Best of all, while our tips will definitely rejuvenate the space, they will help you get a better night’s sleep as well.

Check out some of our favourite indoor plant varieties for your home.


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