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Electrodry Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Maitland is a proud member of ATFA.

Our extra-durable floor coatings extend the life of your floor.

We use coatings designed to work faster than conventional sealers, meaning we can finish the job faster, without sacrificing quality.

Floor coatings with minimum to nil smell and toxicity.

We have a choice of toners, to get the right look for your floor.

We use an advanced dust-capture system to reduce the floor sanding dust.

Healthguard™ Approved Technicians
Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certified
Goldmorr Approved Mould Remediation Technicians
A Member of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association

Healthguard™ Approved Technicians

Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certified

Goldmorr Approved Mould Remediation Technicians

A Member of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association



Preparation: We ensure a clean floor and that there are no nails sticking up.


Sanding: Using a weighted rotary sander we sand the floor to remove the smallest amount of timber which is practical.


Smooth: We use several grades of sandpaper to remove marks and scratches from the floor and get the floor ready for coating.


Edges: The edges must be sanded with a hand-held rotary sander and orbital sander, as the bigger machines can’t go right to the edge.


Seals: Next, the technicians apply a water-based primer to the floor, and can add toners if requested.


Finish: Finally, we apply our two-pack, high-density, water-based polyurethane finish to give your floor a beautiful, long-lasting coating.


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Experience is Important

Electrodry started in Newcastle well over thirty years ago, and have been going strong ever since. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with timber floors. With our comprehensive options for your floor, you can trust that your Floor Sanding Maitland technician will be able to help you choose the best option, and deliver an outstanding result. Check out our full range of floor sanding options

We Don’t Cut Corners

Integrity counts when it comes to this kind of job. We know that getting your floor sanded is expensive and inconvenient for you, so we make sure that we deliver the best results we can. This means state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained and qualified technicians, and the best sealers and finishes available. We look after your floor and help it last for years to come.

Our Costs

How much does it cost to sand a wood floor? Well, when we give you a quote, it’s all-inclusive. All the costs associated with the job are included, as well as GST. We charge $50 for the quote itself, but that fee is refunded when you book the job. The cost per square metre varies across Australia and can depend on the difficulty of the job. For a table of charges then don’t hesitate to call on 13 27 13 or email [email protected] for more information.



Electrodry Floor Sanding Maitland have been working with floors for decades. But that’s not all we do! The dedicated Maitland team also provide Carpet Dry Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning, as well as our Air Conditioner Cleaning service, which helps your air-con cool more efficiently and improves your air quality. Our 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee applies across most of our services, so there’s no risk when you book an Electrodry service. Get in touch today.


All furniture and personal items will need to be removed from the rooms we are sanding. If necessary, you can leave very heavy items like fridges in place, and we can work around them.

The time will vary based on the size of the job. A small job (a single room) can be done in a day. Medium jobs, up to 75 square metres should take two to three days, while the timing for larger jobs must be determined based on the size of the floor and the amount of work required. Timing will be communicated at the time of quoting the job. If we are staining the floor, the time required will increase by 24 to 48 hours.

Your floor will be ready to walk on the day after we finish the job, however, we recommend just walking in socks for the first 36-48 hours. Furniture can be replaced the next day, but you will need to attach new furniture pads under your furniture to prevent scratching. Heavy wheeled items must be kept off the floor for a week, as must rugs and other floor coverings.

Many floor sanding companies use a technician and a junior apprentice, and apply two or three solvent-based coatings, taking a day to dry between each coat. Electrodry uses skilled two-man crews of experienced technicians, and we use a rapid-curing two-pack floor coating that lets us apply multiple coats of polyurethane in one day. That’s how we finish the job faster!

In most cases, finding somewhere else will be your most comfortable option. This is especially important if you are pregnant or suffer from asthma, as the smells and noise from our work may be problematic. If your most important rooms aren’t being sanded, you can choose to stay in the house, but it is important to note that you will not be able to access or walk through the rooms being sanded.

While there may be odours while we are working and applying polyurethane coatings, this will dissipate quickly, and there should be almost no detectable odour within four hours. This is because Electrodry uses high-quality water-based floor coatings that have rapid curing times and create minimal odours.

Our dust capture system collects most of the dust we create while sanding. There may still be a light film of dust left on surfaces in the sanding area, but we will wipe down the surfaces as part of our process.

The sanding process will remove most damage on your wooden floor. However, some pre-existing issues may remain or could affect the final finish of your floor. These include:

1) Deep cuts in your floorboards cannot be sanded out, as the level we would have to sand the boards to would make the floor dangerously thin.

2) Weathered or water damaged floorboards may need to be replaced or may affect the tone and evenness of the end result.

3) Floors stained by urine may still have dark stains after sanding.

Electrodry Maitland provides floor sanding and polishing services for hardwood and engineered wood floors. Engineered floors have a 2-3mm timber veneer over MDF board, which can be safely sanded using our rotary sanding process. It is important to note that engineered floors can only be sanded once.

Electrodry’s Timber Refresh and Timber Restore are excellent options for floors that have small scratches, are worn, discoloured or have a build-up of dirt and cleaning solutions. Both of these services take just one day and are cheaper than sanding. However, some floors need more. Electrodry Wood Floor Sanding is a great option if your floor is seriously scratched or unevenly worn. Our Wood Floor Refinishing page contains a full comparison of our different options for your floor. Whatever you choose, you can know your floor is in good hands.


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