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You can walk on your carpets straight after we clean them.
The Electrodry system removes more stains than any other cleaning process.
Our system restores the original chemical balance of your carpet.
Your carpets are guaranteed not to shrink or stretch.
The Healthguard™ treatment removes germs, bacteria and fungi.
Our 4-step process ensures that no detergent residue is left behind.
No wet carpet smell after cleaning, just a light fresh lemon fragrance.
Electrodry vacuums your carpets before cleaning them.



Electrodry gives all our clients a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied, we will re-clean your items free of charge.

Why Electrodry is the Top Carpet Cleaner in Geelong

Electrodry has been at the forefront of carpet dry cleaning in Australia for over 30 years, providing professional cleaning solutions to over 100,000 homes and businesses every year.

We have been servicing the carpet cleaning needs of the greater Geelong region for more than 25 years – everywhere from Colac to Point Cook, Anglesea to Werribee.

Electrodry is the best carpet cleaner in Melbourne offering a unique 4-step process that includes a thorough industrial grade pre vacuum, pre treatment of stains, an exclusive carpet dry cleaning system and carpet grooming.

Enjoy the best cleaning in Australia covered by a 14-day satisfaction guarantee!

How Does Carpet Dry Cleaning Differ From Steam Cleaning

Dry and steam cleaning uses different methods to achieve the same purpose.  Typically, steam cleaning injects a great amount of hot water into the carpet under enormous pressure. Without pre-vacuum, this can cause soils to turn into mud and soak deeper into the carpet.

Electrodry is one of the few carpet cleaning companies that pre-vacuums carpets prior to dry cleaning. This ensures that soil and dirt are removed effectively, allowing for a more thorough clean. And by using up to 90% less moisture, your carpets are safe to walk-on straight after cleaning.


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Electrodry Professional Home Cleaning Services in Geelong

Apart from our signature carpet cleaning service, we also provide the following professional cleaning services in Geelong:

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Put a smile on your tile, as our 3-step process removes ugly, deep seated grime from your tile and grout.

Mould Cleaning and Remediation

Dedicated cleaning solutions effectively eliminate mould and prevent them from growing back.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Avoid the hassle of sanding! With our timber refresh, your floor is restored to its original sheen without the mess of sanding.

Upholstery Cleaning

Exclusive Electrodry cleaning solutions designed to remove unwanted stains on even the most delicate of fabrics.

Leather Cleaning

A specialised 3-step cleaning process gently cleans, rehydrates, and protects your leather seats.

Mattress Cleaning

Enjoy peaceful sleep with our cleanse mattress cleaning designed to eliminate harmful dirt, dust mite and bacteria.

Air-conditioner Cleaning

Reduce your energy usage by more than 20% after our air conditioning cleaning.

About Electrodry Professional Home Cleaning Services in Geelong

Electrodry Professional Carpet Cleaning Wollongong

Electrodry has been servicing the carpet cleaning needs of the greater Geelong region for more than 25 years – everywhere from Colac to Point Cook, Anglesea to Werribee.

As a national company, with all our technicians trained to international standards.We make a voluntary promise – a guarantee – that you will be satisfied. If you are unhappy with your carpet clean service for any reason simply call us and we’ll re-clean your carpets free of charge.

Apart from professional carpet cleaning, we also provide upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, mattress cleaning, mould cleaning and remediation, tile and grout cleaning and wood floor cleaning in Geelong.


Geelong Fast Facts

Geelong Postcode: 3219

State: Victoria (VIC)

Other Suburbs in the 3219 Postcode: East Geelong, Geelong North, Geelong West, Geelong South.

Surrounding Suburbs and Towns: Colac, Point Cook, Anglesea, Werribee, Ocean Grove, Lara, Clifton Springs


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