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Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L Dehumidifier


Product Description:

Our powerful, yet compact 12 litre/day model is ideal for:

  • Boats*
  • Caravans/Mobile-homes
  • Storage-rooms
  • Laundries
  • Ensuites
  • Walk-in-robes


  • 12 litres of moisture extraction per day!
  • Compact, light weight & portable with easy carry handle
  • Suitable for areas up to 20 m² / 50 m³
  • Low centre of gravity with sturdy base
  • Continuous drainage feature**
    - easy hose attatchment / full water tank shut-off
  • Variable humidity settings / low running costs
  • Restarts after power supply disruption / suits timer
  • Operates as an economical dryer for clothes & boating gear
  • Full 2 year domestic replacement warranty / 6 month non-domestic warranty

*For boating moisture control we recommend use in conjunction with independent timers, rather than running the unit unattended 24/7

**Drainage hose not included


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