The Fast and Effective Way to Treat Mould

Published on Jun 11, 2017

how to effectively get rid of mould

There’s nothing worse than mould. It’s unsightly, it smells and just keeps coming back. I’ve lived in a few houses over the years with mould problems in the bathroom and laundry, and there’s the one rental property from my university years that had mould all over the ceiling. I was constantly ill and literally counted down the days till the lease was up.

Yesterday I was on the road with the charismatic Jason, an experienced Electrodry technician and certified mould specialist with the right training and knowledge to give you confidence that he will get the job done. I was still a little apprehensive to say the least as mould conjures up unpleasant pictures and the thought of ridding areas of bacteria spores is daunting.



Some Facts About Mould Cleaning

Some Facts About Mould Cleaning

We got talking and started to learn a lot of stuff about mould that didn’t know:

  • You should never use bleach to clean mould

  • Painting over mould hides the mould, it doesn’t get rid of the mould

  • The black stuff we see is the mould waste or excrement. The real mould lives in the walls and or ceiling and is so tiny we can’t see it.

  • Mould floats around in the air. Even if we remove it from one wall, it’s likely to show up in other areas.

  • Mould is at its worst in winter. That’s because mould loves moisture and in winter, the windows are closed and it’s harder to dry things out.



A Mould Cleaning Story

A Mould Cleaning Story

We soon reached a beautiful old cottage, with wide open veranda and rambling garden. Geoff & Beryl, a charming couple have seen a severe build-up of mould in their bathroom which looks pretty bad. They had tried treating it themselves but it just kept coming back and you could see from the smear marks on the roof where they’d had a go at removing the mould. I was in shock at the amount of mould, but Jason just said, “that’s fine, give me a few hours,” and so the magic began.

I was not in my comfort zone, and to Jason’s delight he had me dressed up in a white protective suit with respirators. Mould is really toxic, especially for those with asthma and breathing issues, so it’s important to the correct protection and equipment.



Electrodry is A Goldmorr Certified Mould Remediation System

(I had to look it up). It’s a unique mould treatment system used in Australia, NZ, UK and the US for treating mould like this. Apparently insurance companies love it because it’s fast and doesn’t require ripping out walls and usually we don’t even need to paint after the job is finished.

The system is quick and so effective. Jason cleaned down the entire ceiling in a matter of a few hours. The anti-mould product used penetrates into the wall or ceiling to treat the mould so it does an amazing job! As you can see, the results were “WOW”!

Electrodry is A Goldmorr Certified Mould Remediation System

Electrodry is confident in its work and guarantee that the mould won’t come back for at least 12 months. As part of that guarantee you need to take up Electrodry’s anti-mould misting service to treat any mould that’s in the air. This helps make sure the mould doesn’t pop up elsewhere in the home. And of course, you will need to fix the moisture leak or humidity issue that caused the mould problem in the first place. Usually this just requires a little more ventilation but guys like Jason can give you some great advice on these things.

Geoff & Beryl, had to stay out the house for 5 hours after the job was done which was no sweat as they went to spend the afternoon with their grandchildren. To my surprise this was actually a pretty small job, and without the misting cost $400. The bathroom now looks a million dollars and smells a heck of a lot better! Money well spent.



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