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The Electrodry cleaning system is designed to remove more stains than any other cleaning process.
Special HealthguardTM treatment actively kills germs, bacteria and fungi.
A thorough industrial-strength pre vacuum ensures dirt and debris are cleaned properly.
Revolutionary dry cleaning system guarantees your carpets will not shrink or stretch!
None of the harsh chemical smell, just a fresh lemon fragrance.
Our 4-step promises a superb clean without detergent residue
Preserves and restores your carpets chemical balance.
Carpets are dry and ready to walk-on in just an hour.



Electrodry gives all our clients a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied, we will re-clean your items free of charge.

Why Electrodry is the Top Carpet Cleaner in Wollongong

Electrodry has been leading the carpet dry cleaning industry in Australia for over 30 years, providing a safe, thorough, and healthy clean for homes and businesses.

From the mountains to the sea, from Helensburgh to Figtree, Dapto, Albion Park, Shellharbour and all the places in between, Electrodry’s Wollongong carpet cleaning team can be relied upon to deliver the best in carpet cleaning by our expert technicians.

Electrodry's signature 4-stage process is proven to remove more stains while preserving the quality of your carpet. And if you're not happy with our job, so are we! Call us within 14 days and we'll re-clean your carpet for FREE!

How Does Carpet Dry Cleaning Differ From Steam Cleaning

Dry and steam cleaning uses different methods to achieve the same purpose.  Typically, steam cleaning injects a great amount of hot water into the carpet under enormous pressure. Without pre-vacuum, this can cause soils to turn into mud and soak deeper into the carpet.

Electrodry is one of the few carpet cleaning companies that pre-vacuums carpets prior to dry cleaning. This ensures that soil and dirt are removed effectively, allowing for a more thorough clean. And by using up to 90% less moisture, your carpets are safe to walk-on straight after cleaning.


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Electrodry Professional Home Cleaning Services in Wollongong

We are the most trusted name in carpet cleaning in Australia but we also offer a range of other fantastic services.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

A no-fuss 3-step process deeply cleans tile and grout for that fresh, newly renovated look!

Mould Cleaning and Remediation

Our mould cleaning and remediation clears your walls and ceilings while significantly increasing the air quality.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Brings your timber floor’s original lustre and minimising scratches without the hassle of messy sanding.

Upholstery Cleaning

Exclusive Electrodry cleaning solutions designed to remove unwanted stains on even the most delicate of fabrics.

Leather Cleaning

Cleans rehydrates and protects your leather seats to make it look and feel like new while also prolonging its life.

Mattress Cleaning

Rid your mattress of unwanted bedfellows like dirt, dust mite and bacteria for a more peaceful sleep.

Air-conditioner Cleaning

Our air conditioning cleaning can save you more than 20% on your energy usage.

About Electrodry Professional Home Cleaning Services in Wollongong

Electrodry Professional Carpet Cleaning Wollongong

Electrodry is a pioneer in the carpet dry cleaning industry in Australia, dedicated to providing excellent service that conforms to strict international cleaning standards for over 30 years.

Electrodry Wollongong is a family owned company that guarantees a satisfying clean for every job. From the mountains to the sea, from Helensburgh to Figtree, Dapto, Albion Park, Shellharbour and all the places in between, Electrodry’s Wollongong carpet cleaning team can be relied upon to deliver the best in carpet cleaning by our expert technicians. And we guarantee our service so you can be confident you are getting the best possible result.

Electrodry is committed to making every Australian home clean and healthy, covering key areas like leather and upholstery cleaning, mould remediation, mattress cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, timber refresh, and tile and grout cleaning.

Wollongong Fast Facts  

Wollongong Postcode: 2500

State: New South Wales (NSW)

Other 2500 Suburbs:

Coniston, Gwynneville, Keiraville, Mangerton, Mount Keira, Mount St Thomas, North Wollongong, West Wollongong

Surrounding Suburbs and Towns:


Meet Greg, a Wollongong Franchisee Owner

Greg King has been an Electrodry franchisee since the late 1990s and is still enthusiastic about his job. Originally from Bankstown in Sydney, Greg moved to Helensburgh 20 years ago but believes that he will never be considered a local! Once a Production Manager for a welding company in Sydney that closed down, Greg has four kids, including teenage boy/girl twins, and his wife Cassie works with him in the business. He loves the laid back lifestyle of the Wollongong region.

As an Electrodry franchisee, Greg enjoys having the confidence of knowing that no other system can clean better – the process is simple and incredibly effective. Greg has many loyal customers that have been with him since he began and who feel like an extended family. He returns year after year to help them maintain their homes and carpets, catching up on their news and sharing his own.



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