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Our qualified floor sanding staff ensure high standard workmanship and efficient service.

We have a range of toners in a gloss, matte, satin or ultra-matte finish.

You’ll love our highly scratch resistant coating to keep your floor in great condition.

Your floor can be walked on the following day, in most cases.

 A dust capturing system reduces sanding mess.


We’ll work closely with you at all stages of the process to keep you informed.

Healthguard™ Approved Technicians
Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certified
Goldmorr Approved Mould Remediation Technicians
A Member of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association

Healthguard™ Approved Technicians

Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certified

Goldmorr Approved Mould Remediation Technicians

A Member of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association



To begin, we will thoroughly clean the area that is being sanded and will punch nails deeper into the floorboards where it’s needed.


Our weighted rotary sander is more gradual than a belt sander, meaning your floor will last longer.


We continue sanding with increasingly finer sandpaper grades to eliminate most scratches and discolouration and to give your floor a polished look.


Using a hand-held rotary sander, our team sands the edges. We undergo the final sand with an orbital sander for a smooth, scratch-free finish.


We’ll apply a barrier seal to your floor to prepares the floor for coating. We follow it with a thin coat of a toner if needed.


Two coats of a high density, two-pack water-based polyurethane are applied for a durable finish.


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Experience Counts

You know you can count on our experienced teams achieving great results for your floor. We’ve been in the business for over 35 years offering home services to the people of Bendigo and beyond. Across the country in 2019, we finished more than 1,500 wood floors, revitalising the look for our valued customers. We provide a variety of wood floor refinishing services, to look after your timber floor, whatever state it’s in.

We Don’t Cut Corners

Electrodry technicians offer a comprehensive floor sanding and refinishing service. Your floor will get the treatment it needs because we use a weighted rotary sander instead of a belt sander. This means we take off less wood during the sanding process. Our equipment also allows us to refinish delicate timber floors without causing damage to them. In addition, our team always uses at least three grades of sanding discs, removing damage without risking sanding swirls or scratches.

We’re proud of our exceptional customer service, keeping the communication lines open about pricing and timing. We will also discuss the finish or toner you may want on your floorboards. Our experts will use the right sandpaper grades for the age and condition of your floor, ensuring we get you a great result without damaging your floors.

Our Costs

How much does it cost to sand a wood floor? Well, Electrodry’s quotes include GST and our costs are all-inclusive. We do charge a $30 fee to inspect and quote, but once you pick us, the fee is refunded.

Costs can vary in different parts of the country and will depend on the room size and floor condition.

Book a technician to come and give you a quote for exact pricing, call 13 27 13, email [email protected] for more information, or check out our other services.



Our team can do the job around heavier items, but we do ask that you take personal items and furniture out of the room being sanded.

A single room will usually take a day while a medium-sized job, up to 75sqm will take between two and three days. We’ll discuss timing with you in more detail at the time of your booking. We price our jobs based on the size of the area We can sand a small job (a single room) in a day while a medium sized-jobs (up to 75 square metres) should take two to three days. The timing for larger jobs is based on the size of the area. Keep in mind that staining or extras like whitening will increase timing by 24 to 48 hours.

You should be able to walk on the floor the day after, although we do recommend wearing socks for a couple of days afterward. Furniture pads should be put down to avoid damage to the floors. Things like heavy wheeled items and rugs should be kept off the floor for a week or so.

Most floor sanding companies have a technician and a junior apprentice doing the job. We have a highly-qualified two-man crew looking after the job. Our floor coatings are different too – while other companies apply two or three solvent-based coatings that take a day to dry between each coat. Our two-pack floor coating means we can apply multiple coats of polyurethane in one day.

Finding alternate accommodation is recommended. If you are pregnant or have asthma this is a good idea as the smells and noise could be an issue. You are welcome to stay if the work is being done in a room you don’t use often. Just keep in mind you won’t be able to walk on the floor while being sanded.

There may be minimal odours present from the polyurethane coatings however these will dissipate quickly. Within four hours there will be almost no detectable odour.

We collect most of the sanding dust with our dust capture system. There may still be a light film of dust on surfaces, but this is wiped down as part of our service.

We can remove most timber floor damage, but some pre-existing issues may remain or could affect the finish. These include:

1) Deep cuts in the boards may not be able to be sanded out, as the level we would have to sand the boards to would make the floor dangerously thin.

2) Weathered or water damaged floorboards may need to be replaced as they could affect the tone and evenness of the result.

3) If there are urine stains, there may still be dark stains present.

Electrodry Bendigo has sanding services for hardwood and engineered wood floors. Engineered floors, which is safer. have a 2-3mm timber veneer over MDF board, which we sand using our rotary sanding process. Engineered floors can only be sanded once./p>

Electrodry’s Timber Refresh and Timber Restore service is an excellent option for floors with small scratches, are worn, discoloured or have a build-up of dirt and cleaning solutions. Both options take just one day and are cheaper than sanding. Please see our Wood Floor Refinishing page for different options for your floor.


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