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10 Amazing Cleaning Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

10 Amazing Cleaning Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is one of the most under-rated cleaning products available. It’s such a great disinfectant that it can’t even be found in the cleaning section of your supermarket. You'll usually find it in the first aid section or from a chemist.

Rubbing alcohol has amazing cleaning and disinfecting properties plus it dries quickly and doesn’t leave a residue which makes it easy to use. But, before we get carried away, a word of caution. Its fumes can be powerful so use it in well ventilated areas. Also choose the 70% solution as this is very safe and non-flammable.

1) Remove ink stains from leather

Have the kids ever drawn on your leather lounge? Try dabbing the pen mark with rubbing alcohol and wiping with a clean cloth. Just be careful not to scrub the area as you may take colour out of the lounge.


2) Hair-spray remover

Does your mirror have a sticky residue from hair-spray? Spray with rubbing alcohol and wipe clean!


3) All Purpose Kitchen De-Greaser


Pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and wipe down greasy stove tops and benches. No need to rinse as the rubbing alcohol will evaporate almost straight away.


4) Carpet Stain Remover

If you’ve got dark, dirty spots on your carpet and don’t have Electro 3 Stain Remover, then spray the mark with rubbing alcohol and blot clean.


5) Air-freshener

Mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with 10 to 15 mls of essential oil and spray! Try mixing oils together like grapefruit and lavender for an awesome fresh fragrance.


6) Home-made disinfectant

Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol with 1 part water and spray onto all surfaces and wipe clean.


7) Clean Venetian Blinds

Spray the blind with rubbing alcohol and wipe with a clean cloth.


8) De-Odourise Shoes

Spray un-diluted rubbing alcohol into smelly shoes and the alcohol will take care of the yucky odour causing bacteria.


9) Bathroom Fixture Cleaner

Put a little rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and clean stainless steel fixtures. The rubbing alcohol will give a streak-free shine and kill any bacteria and germs in the process.


10) Removing Stickers

Do you get frustrated by the gunky residue from stickers and price tags? Spray the gunk with a little rubbing alcohol and rub with a cloth. It’ll come off in a jiffy.

BONUS TIP: Where to Get Rubbing Alcohol for Cheap

Rubbing alcohol is surprisingly expensive in Australian chemists at $11 for a 345 ml bottle. The cheapest way to buy rubbing alcohol is online. Google “rubbing alcohol” and you’ll find a stack of distributors. I’ve used Sydney Solvents 70% solution in a 5-litre bottle and found it very cost effective at $29 with free shipping.



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