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Electrodry Mould Removal Coffs Harbour

The Affordable and Revolutionary Mould Cleaning System

The Electrodry Mould Cleaning Coffs Harbour Advantage

Electrodry offers the best mould removal system in Coffs Harbour. Our mould remediation technicians have been approved by Goldmorr®—the leader in mould removal. Our mould removal service provides guaranteed safety and effectiveness. T

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Comprehensive Mould Report

Our service includes an in-depth analysis of mould growth causes, treatment options, and recommendations to prevent its recurrence.


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Treats Airborne Mould

Revitalising your home's air quality, our Mould Micro Misting process expertly eradicates airborne mould.


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No Repainting Needed

Electrodry effectively removes mould stains without the need for repainting with our Goldmorr® non-toxic solution.


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Traces Mould to The Source

By addressing the root cause of mould growth, our treatment effectively eliminates mould at its source for a comprehensive and lasting solution.


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12-Month Warranty*

Electrodry guarantees re-cleaning of treated areas within 12 months at no extra cost if mould resurfaces. Your satisfaction matters to us.


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Efficient 1-Day Service

Guaranteed fast turnaround and complete mould removal, leaving your property clean and mould-free in no time.


How To Book An Electrodry Mould Removal in Coffs Harbour

A mould quote, inspection and detailed report entail a $50 fee, which is deducted from the total quote when you book any Electrodry service. Our quotations are all-inclusive, so there will be no hidden surprises.

1 Schedule A Tech Visit

1. Schedule a tech visit

Call our hotline 13 27 13 or schedule a quote and pre-inspection online.

2 Get An On Site Quote

2. Get an on-site inspection

During the visit, our technician will tell you the cost, likely results and answer all your question.

3 - inspection report

3. Receive an inspection report

Receive a comprehensive report including the exact quote, cause, scope and treatment of the mould issue.

3 Book Your Service

4. Book your mould cleaning service

Book with peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect on the day of your service.


The Electrodry Mould Removal Process

When it comes to mould removal in Coffs Harbour, Electrodry is the name you can rely on. Our Goldmorr® approved technicians deliver safe and optimal outcomes for your home. With their expertise, we effectively remove mould from hard surfaces and employ our Mould Micro Misting Process to eliminate airborne spores thoroughly. Choose a healthier living environment with Electrodry.


Inspection of Affected Area

Schedule a consultation with Electrodry for a detailed evaluation, estimate, and remediation methods for your mould problem.


Moisture Levels Are Checked

Electrodry's technicians assess moisture levels and identify the root cause of mould growth using advanced equipment. Trust our trained experts to uncover the source of the problem in your home.


Antimicrobial Mould Treatment

Our technician applies a surfactant solution that deeply penetrates building materials, effectively eliminating hidden mould growth.


Mould Removal

Experience the power of our Goldmorr® solution that eliminates external mould and stains, saving you from the hassle of repainting.


Mould Micro Misting

Prevent future mould growth with our powerful antimicrobial mist, effectively halting the spread of airborne mould spores.


How much does mould removal cost in Coffs Harbour?

Mould Inspection $50
Mould Micro Cleaning $399 per room
Mould Micro Misting quoted on inspection

The $50 fee for Mould Inspection is later discounted from the total cost of the mould removal service.

Our Mould Cleaning Results

9 Mould Before


1 Mould After


8 Mould Before


9 Mould After


7 Mould Before


8 Mould After


6 Mould Before


7 Mould After


5 Mould Before


6 Mould After



Electrodry Mould Removal Coffs Harbour Reviews

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Gentleman who came and done the job was fantastic and kept us informed all the way and was also early. Keep up the amazing work ethic.

- Jenny Toor

Job was done perfectly!!!”

- Vicki Styles

Great job excellent staff member. Very efficient through and did what he quoted all mould gone. Great job have told other people about the job that was carried out.

- Terence Brown

Excellent removal of mould on surface of underside of colour-bond sheeting on sunroom ceiling using hazardous chemicals. I could not rate them higher 10/10. Highly recommended.

- David

Very happy with results of mould treatment in our caravan that had water damage from storm. Technician was very professional, informative and friendly. Even the caravan repair shop were very impressed!!

- Stacey Baxter

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The Electrodry Guarantee

Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee ensures your peace of mind. We address concerns promptly, free of charge, based on valuable customer feedback. Rest assured, we take action to resolved any quality issues identified in surveys.


Mould Guidelines for Rentals in Coffs Harbour

Mould Guidelines for Coffs Harbour Rentals:

Responsibility for mould cleaning in rental properties depends on the cause:

Landlord/Property Manager - Responsible if mould is due to structural issues or property faults.

Tenant - Responsible if mould is a result of negligence or actions, such as poor ventilation or failure to address moisture issues.

In case of disputes, collaboration and seeking resolution are recommended. Refer to this comprehensive fact sheet by the Tenants Union of NSW for more information about mould and all things rental.

For mould inspection/assessment, contact us today.



mould removal service in coffs harbour

Coffs Harbour Mould Cleaning FAQs

Exposure to mould can cause a range of health symptoms, including allergic reactions, respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. In severe cases, it can lead to serious health issues. If you suspect mould in your home, it's important to take action promptly. This may include identifying and removing the source of the mould, improving ventilation and humidity levels, and cleaning and disinfecting affected areas.

The sudden appearance of black mould may be due to excessive moisture in the environment, which can be caused by factors such as leaks, poor ventilation, or high humidity levels. Other possible reasons include changes in the weather or the presence of a water source nearby. To prevent mould growth, it's important to identify and address the underlying cause of the excess moisture.

To remove mould from the bathroom ceiling without bleach, you can try the following:

  1. Make a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, or baking soda and water.

  2. Apply the solution to the affected area and let it sit for a few hours.

  3. Scrub with a soft-bristled brush and rinse with water.

  4. Open windows and use a fan to ensure proper ventilation while cleaning.

Please note, bleach can cause damage to certain surfaces and pose health risks if not used properly, so it is important to follow guidelines and take precautions when handling and using it.

Dehumidifiers can reduce mould growth by lowering air moisture levels. Keeping relative humidity at 50% or lower prevents mould development. However, cleaning and maintenance are necessary, and existing mould problems must be addressed before relying solely on a dehumidifier.

Yes, it is generally safe to sleep in a room after cleaning mould as long as all visible mould has been completely removed and the area has been thoroughly dried. It is also important to address the underlying cause of mould growth to prevent it from returning.

Electrodry's Range of Professional Cleaning Services in Coffs Harbour

Carpet Dry Cleaning

An effective carpet dry cleaning system that’s been an industry standard for over 35 years.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Minimise scratches and revitalize worn out wood flooring without the fuss and mess of sanding with our Timber Restore solution.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Refresh grungy grout and tile work with Electrodry’s unique Tile and Grout cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

We thoroughly clean upholstered furniture using special cleaning solutions that are safe on even the most delicate of fabrics.

Healthy Mattress Cleaning

Our healthy mattress cleaning is the ideal solution to remove dust mites, dead skin, and sweat stains for fresh and peaceful sleep.

Mould Cleaning

We only employ Goldmorr approved Mould Remediation Technicians to effectively eliminate mould and its spores to improve indoor air quality.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Slash 20% from your energy consumption while reducing airborne allergens and keep your home cooler.

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