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Electrodry Upholstery Cleaning Bundaberg

For a clean, fresh and healthy lounge suite. We guarantee it. Infused with Electro-Shield long-lasting bacteria and germ protection.

Why Choose Electrodry Lounge Cleaning Bundaberg

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IICRC Certified Technicians

Technicians that are expertly trained to clean even delicate fabric types.


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Long-Lasting Germ Protection

Grime, germs and bacteria are removed using a potent Electro-Shield solution.


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Breaks Down Dirt and Oil

Our system uses special dry cleaning solutions to remove more dirt and stains.


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Drier Than Other Methods

The Electrodry dry cleaning system leave fabrics drier than conventional cleaners.


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35+ years of Expertise

Electrodry has been offering home cleaning services for 35 years, so you can rest assured your lounge is being treated by the experts.


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14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're unhappy with our cleanign results, we'll come back and reclean your sofa free of charge.


The Electrodry Bundaberg Lounge Cleaning Method

All Electrodry upholstery specialists are trained to carry out a detailed pre-inspection to identify stains, rips, frays and other existing damage on the furniture. A colour fastness test is also performed before proceeding to ensure the fabric is safe to clean. So if you're looking for an upholstery cleaner that gets results, call us today!


1. Thorough Prevacuum

We remove dust, grit and soil to prevent them from turning into mud during the cleaning process by using a powerful vacuum cleaner.


2. Dry Cleaning Solutions

A special upholstery dry cleaning solution is generously applied to the fabric to break down oily stains, grime and grease.


3. Specialised Cleaning Solutions

We apply our special Healthguard infused cleaning solutions and agitate it into the fabric.


4. Hot Water Extraction

Hot water is released under very high pressure to rinse fabric of dirt and chemicals and extracts them together with excess water.


Electrodry Upholstery Cleaning Bundaberg Results

An awesome lounge suite is a great investment where you and your family can enjoy some serious bonding for hours on end. Watching movies, playing video games, reading books or even the occasional gathering of friends, the lounge suite is sure to get the bulk of the action. Unfortunately, all that action can lead to your upholstery getting soiled and stained. Which is why regular cleaning is recommended to keep the lounge suite clean and long-lasting.

A soiled upholstery may contain bacteria, mould and mildew, dust mites, dirt and grime, body sweat, pet dander, dead skin and hair. Having a professional cleaner service your lounge suite twice a year will keep these contaminants at bay and keep your furniture in tip-top shape. Electrodry delivers cutting-edge upholstery cleaning services that can safely clean even the most delicate fabrics. Our unique dry cleaning process ensures that you can start enjoying your fresh lounge suite in just 4 to 6 hours.



Dirty Light Brown Fabric Reclining Sofa Before Cleaning


Gray Microsuede Sofa With Stains Before Cleaning


Dirty Light Brown Fabric Reclining Sofa Before Cleaning


Gray Microsuede Sofa With Stains After Cleaning


Blue Green Fabric Couch With Stains Before Cleaning


Blue Green Fabric Couch With Stains After Cleaning


Dirty Fabric Single Recliner Before Cleaning


Dirty Fabric Single Recliner After Cleaning


Brown Fabric Sofa With Water Severe Water Stains Before Cleaning


Brown Fabric Sofa With Water Severe Water Stains After Cleaning


Electrodry Upholstery Cleaning Bundaberg FAQs

A popular DIY upholstery cleaner for a couch is a mixture of dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water. This solution can be applied with a clean cloth and then blotted with a dry towel to remove dirt and stains. It is important to test the solution on a small, inconspicuous area first and to avoid using too much water to prevent damage to the fabric.

Yes, vinegar can help to deodorise a couch by neutralizing bad odours. 

  • Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle, 
  • Spray the solution onto the couch. 
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes before wiping it clean with a damp cloth.

It's possible to use a carpet cleaner on a couch, but it depends on the cleaner's attachments and the upholstery material. Check the manufacturer's recommendations and do a spot test first.

You can use the following steps to deep-clean old upholstery:

  1. Vacuum thoroughly
  2. Spot clean stains with vinegar or detergent
  3. Apply a cleaning solution and use a soft-bristled brush to work in the cleaner
  4. Remove excess moisture with a clean cloth.

Professionals use a range of methods and tools, such as steam cleaners, hot water extraction machines, specialised cleaning solutions, and professional-grade vacuums. They may also use specialised brushes or agitators to work the cleaning solution into the fabric and remove dirt and stains.


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Electrodry Lounge Cleaning Bundaberg Reviews

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For a long time I’ve been afraid of getting my micro fibre couches cleaned but from the pre-stain spray to the final clean, they came up really well. I’m delighted with the result.

- Shannon Hume-Cook

Perfect clean, Sebastian was very professionally & made our lounge look new again

- Teena

7 extra deep seats with cushions. A few old stains that were a bit hard to remove but it still came up great.

- Samantha

The upholstery clean came up like new again. Very happy.

- Denise Manson

Dave has cleaned our leather and fabric lounges and they always come up looking like new.

- Sue

Amazing job. So happy answer didn’t leave the lounge really went, was dry in a few short hours.

- Trusted Customer

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The Electrodry Guarantee

Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee ensures your peace of mind. We address concerns promptly, free of charge, based on valuable customer feedback. Rest assured, we take action to resolved any quality issues identified in surveys.


Electrodry's Range of Professional Cleaning Services in Bundaberg

Carpet Dry Cleaning

An effective carpet dry cleaning system that’s been an industry standard for over 35 years.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Minimise scratches and revitalize worn out wood flooring without the fuss and mess of sanding with our Timber Restore solution.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Refresh grungy grout and tile work with Electrodry’s unique Tile and Grout cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

We thoroughly clean upholstered furniture using special cleaning solutions that are safe on even the most delicate of fabrics.

Healthy Mattress Cleaning

Our healthy mattress cleaning is the ideal solution to remove dust mites, dead skin, and sweat stains for fresh and peaceful sleep.

Mould Cleaning

We only employ Goldmorr approved Mould Remediation Technicians to effectively eliminate mould and its spores to improve indoor air quality.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Slash 20% from your energy consumption while reducing airborne allergens and keep your home cooler.

About Electrodry Upholstery Cleaning Bundaberg

Electrodry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Bundaberg is the top provider of efficient cleaning solutions to the Bundaberg region. Our highly developed cleaning systems and professionally trained cleaning specialist guarantee you get the best clean possible every time. Electrodry Home Carpet Cleaning Bundaberg supervisor Ian Holloway is a veteran carpet cleaner. He spent 6 years as a carpet steam cleaning before seeing the light of Electrodry and is now a firm believer of the Electrodry carpet dry cleaning system. Ian loves his job and the chance to go out and about to meet new people at every job. Childers, Gin Gin, Miriam Vale, Agnes Waters, 1770 and every place in between, Ian is always excited clean for the awesome folks of Bundaberg.


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