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Breathe cleaner and healthier air. Increase cooling and heating efficiency and reduce your aircon running cost by 20%.

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Why Choose Electrodry Air Conditioner Cleaning Bunbury

Electrodry's air conditioner cleaning service in Bunbury gives you fresher and cleaner air at home. Our expert technicians will extend the life of your unit, reduce running costs, and save you money on your power bill with high-pressure cleaning.

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Get Healthier Indoor Air

Breathing fresher and cleaner air in your home can provide numerous health benefits you'll surely enjoy.


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Highly-Trained Technicians

Our Electrodry technicians are highly qualified and always willing to explain our processes in a friendly manner.


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40+ Years Of Expertise

With over 40 years of experience, Electrodry has gained extensive knowledge in maximizing our processes to achieve optimal results.


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Extends The Life Of Your Unit

Taking care of your air conditioner now by doing proper maintenance can help extend its lifespan and prevent expensive replacements in the future.


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Results In Lower Running Costs

It's thrilling to discover ways to save money on your power bill!


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High-Pressure Clean

Our High-Pressure cleaner can reach difficult areas and make your Aircon look like new again.


The Electrodry Bunbury Professional Aircon Cleaning Process

Just like our other professional cleaning services, our air conditioner cleaning process was designed with your health and comfort in mind. It thoroughly clears your unit of contaminants, helping it operate optimally. A professionally cleaned air conditioner means healthier indoor air quality, 22% less power consumption and better cooling power!


Thorough Inspection

The first and most crucial step is safety. We will turn off the power, cover electricals and place a bib around the system to ensure cleanliness.


Application of Cleaning Solutions

We are proud of the products we use, which are safe but also effective at targeting the contaminants nestled within your air conditioner.


Clean The Evaporative Unit

To make the AC work better, the technician will use a high-pressure tool to clean the fins on the evaporative unit. This will eliminate any dirt that's preventing proper airflow.


We Clean The Barrel Fan Too

During this step, the barrel fan is thoroughly cleaned using high pressure, eliminating dirt and debris from various system components.


Airflow Test

The technician will conduct a final air flow test to ensure that the job has been done correctly and that you will reap the benefits of a much better-functioning air conditioner.


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Electrodry Aircon Cleaning Bunbury Customer Reviews

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I thought I cleaned my air conditioner, but not until I was showed how and where I couldn’t/wasn’t able to clean. OMG! Was I shocked.

- Anne Christophersen

Great service, prompt, cleaned up well afterwards.

- James Fotu

Aircon is now working like a dream.

- Trevor Silversides

"Excellent service. It will become a regular thing from now on.

- Jaymes Grant

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The Electrodry Guarantee

Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee ensures your peace of mind. We address concerns promptly, free of charge, based on valuable customer feedback. Rest assured, we take action to resolved any quality issues identified in surveys.


How do I know when my aircon needs to be cleaned?

Knowing when your air conditioning system requires cleaning is essential to ensure it operates efficiently and performs well. Here are some indicators to watch out for:

Increased power costs

If your electricity bills are higher than usual, it could indicate that your aircon is not functioning efficiently due to accumulated dirt and dust on internal components.

Asthma and allergy symptoms

Dirty air conditioning filters can worsen asthma and allergy symptoms. If respiratory problems increase while using the AC, it may be time to clean the filters.


Aircon leakage

If you observe any water dripping from your AC, it is likely due to clogged drain lines or a malfunctioning system. To avoid this problem, it is imperative to maintain your AC unit in a clean and well-maintained state.


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How Much Does Air Conditioning Cleaning Cost in Bunbury?

1st internal unit $189
Extra internal unit(s) $149
Optional external unit $50


*Note: We can only clean an external unit if it is on the ground and easily accessible.

Bunbury Aircon Cleaning Service FAQs

Yes, black mould can be cleaned out of an air conditioner. It is recommended to turn off the air conditioner and wear protective equipment such as gloves and a mask before starting the cleaning process. A mixture of water and bleach can be used to clean the mould from the unit, and it's important to thoroughly dry the unit after cleaning to prevent the mould from returning.

To clean an air conditioner, try the following steps:

  1. Turn off the unit and disconnect the power supply. 
  2. Clean the exterior with a mild detergent
  3. Remove and clean the air filter and front grill if possible. 
  4. Clean coils with specialised coil cleaners or warm water and mild detergent. 
  5. Reassemble the unit and ensure it's dry before reconnecting the power supply and turning it on.

It is recommended to consult a professional for more thorough cleaning. 

For safety reasons and to avoid damaging the unit, it's recommended to turn off the aircon when cleaning it. This also allows for easier access to the interior for cleaning and maintenance tasks. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when cleaning to prevent accidents or damages.

Regular aircon cleaning enhances efficiency, reduces mechanical breakdowns and extends lifespan. It enhances indoor air quality and reduces health risks from pollutants. Cleaning also ensures safe operations and reduces hazards. It is necessary for performance, longevity, and safety.

Neglecting aircon cleaning can lead to reduced performance, higher energy bills, and health risks due to dust, dirt, and bacteria buildup. This can cause mould or bacterial growth, leading to health problems and costly repairs. Regular aircon cleaning and maintenance are essential for efficient and safe operation.


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Electrodry's Range of Professional Cleaning Services in Bunbury

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Slash 20% from your energy consumption while reducing airborne allergens and keep your home cooler.

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