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5 ways to naturally clean your bathroom with vinegar

5 Fresh Ways to Clean Your Bathroom with Vinegar

We love using vinegar as a great natural cleaner throughout the home but it's pa…

DIY Cleaners Home Cleaning Tips

How To Get Mould Out of Clothes

How To Get Mould Out of Clothes

Mould is tough to get rid of on your walls and tiles, but what do you do when yo…

Mould Cleaning Tips Home Cleaning Tips DIY Cleaners

clever ways to clean using lemons

12 Fresh Ways to Clean With Lemons

If life has given you lemons, maybe you should try cleaning with them. Here are…

DIY Cleaners

uses for vinegar at home

6 Amazing Ways You Can Use Vinegar Around The Home

We’re big fans of vinegar at Electrodry for cleaning many areas of the home. But…

DIY Cleaners Money & Time Savers

DIY Cleaning Ingredients

5 Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself

Want to know how to use what you have in cleaning? Say goodbye to chemicals and…

DIY Cleaners

cleaning resolutions for the new year

The 6 Best Cleaning Resolutions for 2022

New Year always feels like a do-over. What you didn't do the past year, you want…

DIY Cleaners

couple speed cleaning on Christmas

6 Christmas Speed Cleaning Tips

The lead-up to Christmas is always hectic. Get your house spic and span in minim…

Home Cleaning Tips DIY Cleaners Money & Time Savers

making spring cleaning fun

6 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Yes, you read that right. Make your spring cleaning routine enjoyable and entert…

DIY Cleaners Home Cleaning Tips

man removing soap scum from shower door

How to Remove Shower Soap Scum with One Natural Ingredient

Shower scum is ugly and really difficult to remove. Can you guess which natural…

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