Timber Refresh

Bring back that wood floor
look you love!


No sanding, one-day service. Move your furniture back that evening.
Amazing deep clean:Removes years of built up dirt, grime and residue from cleanig products.
Refresh your floor:Refresher coat minimises scratches and restores your floors original sheen.
 Works on a wide range of floors. Timber refresh can be used on hardwood floors, engineered wood floors (floating floors), bamboo floors and cork.


Timber Refresh combines a deep clean and our refresh polyurethane coating to bring dull, tired floors back to life.

Timber Restore is the ideal non-sanding alternate for worn floors. Our team will clean and prepare your floor for coating with our durable 2-pack polyurethane coating system.


Electrodry guarantees our TImber Refresh service. If you have any concerns with the final result, we will return and re-treat your floor free of charge.*


1. Pre-Vacuum

We pre-vacuuming all wood floors to remove dirt & debris.

2. Hand-Clean Edges

Edges are cleaned by hand to remove dirt and built-up grime.

3. Bona™ Deep Clean System

We use The Bona Deep Clean system to remove the dirt, grime and residue from cleaning products that have built up on your wood floor over the years.

4. Timber Refresh Applied

Electrodry's unique Timber Refresh coating is applied to your floor to restore your floors to their original shine and minimise scratches.


Frequently Asked Questions

Electrodry will help move some items of furniture before the job if they are not too heavy. If you require furniture to be moved out of the rooms and then replaced at the end of the day, Electrodry can book a furniture service. For a furniture moving service we will have 2 technicians on site and organise a return visit in the afternoon to replace the furniture once the Timber refresh coating has dried. This service costs an additional $180**
​Electrodry can work around your furniture and we can reach part way under beds, desks and tables depending on how high they are off the ground. We can usually reach 20 centimetres under the edge of a bed so that the uncoated area isn’t visible.
​We can’t move furniture whilst the timber refresh coating is wet, which means we can’t move the furniture from side to side during the coating process.
​​Timber refresh needs time to settle and start curing before it dries. This means we can easily apply it on wet days, but we can’t apply it on hot days where the room is over 28-30 degrees. If you have air-conditioning then we can still manage the temperature of the room so that timber refresh can be applied. If you do not have air-conditioning then we will book your service for first thing in the morning.
​We charge $8 per square metre for large rooms and if you’re not sure how big your room is, we can measure it on the day.
​​$99 is a standard per room rate that includes time for vacuuming, edging, deep cleaning and the application of the timber refresh coat, all of which take time. If the room is very small or we are working around large pieces of furniture like beds then we can look at adjusting the price, however we can’t adjust the price for marginal differences in rooms size.
​​​Timber refresh isn’t suitable for floors where the polyurethane coating has worn through. Whilst Electrodry can clean and coat the floor, the polyurethane coating isn’t designed to seal/coat bare timber.
​​​Timber refresh will not fix peeling polyurethane. We can still perform the deep clean and apply the timber refresh coat, however we cannot guarantee the results. If the polyurethane is peeling off, then sanding and polishing your floors is the best option.
​​​Stairs need to be cleaned and coated by hand and thus are more time consuming. The cost for an average width stair is cost $7 per stair and $15 for a square corner stair and $20 for a landing. To make the job easier to price over the phone we typically an estimate cost for a set of stairs $110.
​The Timber Refresh coating will minimise the micro-scratches and abrasions which is what cause a floor to look dull. Timber Refresh will typically make the deeper scratches much less noticeable, but it will have only minimal effect on scratches that penetrate the floors polyurethane coating. Timber Refresh will not have any effect on indents or gauges in the floor that typically occur from pets or moving heavy furniture. These types of defects can only be removed by sanding the floor.
​The deep clean may remove some of the paint depending on the condition of the floor, age of the paint and type of paint. Electrodry can remove the great majority of the paint droplets by hand before we clean and coat your floor. We charge $120 per hour for this service. Unfortunately, removing paint from the floor can scratches the floor. Most of these scratches will be concealed by the timber refresh service, but some scratches may still be visible.
​We have a minimum callout of $198 which includes time for vacuuming, edging, deep cleaning and the application of the timber refresh coat, all of which take time. It is the same price for cleaning 2 good size rooms. If you like we can add 1 more room for the same price.
​​Yes, absolutely. The system leaves the floor dry almost straight away so it won’t affect the glue in any way.
​​​Our Timber Refresh service will not fill in dents but will help cover over micro scratches. It brings back life to your floor and the results are pretty amazing. However the end result is always depends on the original condition of the floor.
​​​Synthetic PVC/Vinyl/Lino type flooring that just looks timber are not suitable for a timber refresh service. But if your floor is actual timber with laminate then we can service that.
​​​​Timber refresh can be used on hardwood floors, engineered wood floors (floating floors), bamboo floors and cork.
​​​​Our system is not designed to clean wood/timber furniture.
​​​​​The Timber Refresh coating is actually a water based polyurethane, andis designed to any type of polyurethane, so it would work fantastically well on your floor.
​​​​​The system will minimise scratches but won't remove them. The best way to describe it is that the system and coating fills in the rough edges of a scratch, so small scratches will be nearly invisible and bigger scratches will be less noticeable.
​​​​​​The Timber refresh coat is designed to bring the floor back to it's original sheen level. Typically we find a satin comes back to satin, gloss get close to the original gloss but not quite and matte is still matte - maybe just a touch glossier.It will still feel like a matt finish but without the dull traffic areas. If your interested in the service we can do a small sample patch in an inconspicuous area so you can see the result.
​​​​​​Our deep clean system will do a great job although depending on how bad it is, we might have to charge a little more than the standard price. It might be best if we pop out and have a look.
​The Timber Refresh coat fills in abrasions and micro-scratches (the stuff that makes your floor look dull), and minimises scratches. Light scratches will be very hard to see after the service and deep scratches will be less noticeable.


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