Why Are Dust Mites So Harmful To People?

Published on Sep 18, 2023

 Why Are Dust Mites So Harmful To People?

In the quiet corners of your home, microscopic intruders lurk, invisible to the naked eye yet capable of causing significant harm.

These cunning little critters are dust mites and they pose a considerable health threat in the common Australian household. 

In today’s blog, we will help you understand more about dust mites and the health threats they pose to you and your family.



What are dust mites?

what are the dust mites

Dust mites are minuscule arachnids, measuring only about a quarter of a millimetre in size. They belong to the arthropod family, which also includes spiders and ticks, but their tiny dimensions keep them well hidden. While they may be small, their impact is far from small.



Australian Homes Are The Perfect Breeding Ground

Australian Home

The Australian climate provides an ideal breeding ground for dust mites. These pesky little creatures thrive in warm, humid conditions and there are many parts of our country that are absolutely perfect. Places in the north of the country, like Sydney and Brisbane, where humidity can be high, are heaven for dust mites.



The Health Hazards

Now that we understand more about what dust mites are, let's take a look at why they are more than just a household nuisance in Australia:


1. Allergen Factories

allergen factories

Dust mites may not bite or sting, but they are prolific producers of allergens. Their feces and body fragments contain proteins that are potent allergens for many people. These allergens become airborne when disturbed, and once inhaled, they can trigger allergic reactions.



2. Asthma Aggravation

asthma aggravation

For those with asthma, dust mite allergens can be particularly troublesome. Inhaling these allergens can lead to increased inflammation of the airways, making asthma symptoms more severe. It's estimated that up to 85% of asthmatics are allergic to dust mites.



3. Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis

Dust mite allergens are a common cause of allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Symptoms include sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, and itchy or watery eyes. These allergic reactions can be a year-round issue in Australia due to the mites' constant presence.



4. Eczema Aggravation

Eczema Aggravation

Individuals with eczema, a skin condition characterised by red, itchy rashes, can experience worsening symptoms when exposed to dust mite allergens. These allergens can exacerbate skin inflammation.


5. Children at Risk

Children at risk

Children are particularly vulnerable to dust mite allergies. Exposure during early childhood can lead to allergies later in life. Dust mite allergens have been linked to the development of asthma in children.



Invisible But Ubiquitous

Invisible Ubiquitous

One of the most challenging aspects of dust mite infestations is their near-invisibility. While we can't see them without the aid of a microscope, they are prevalent in our living spaces. Dust mites feast on the dead skin cells we shed daily, which makes our homes an all-you-can-eat buffet for them. 

If you’re looking for effective ways to keep dust mites from your home, check out our article here.


Final Thoughts

As Australians, it's crucial to be aware of these invisible intruders so we can take the necessary steps to reduce their presence in our living spaces. Understanding the dangers they pose is the first step toward creating a healthier, allergy-free home environment for you and your loved ones.


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