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5 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Running Your Air Conditioner This Summer

Published on Oct 13, 2023

5 Effective Strategies to Slash Your Aircon Power Bill

Summer is just around the corner, and it's going to be a hot one. That means the air-conditioner is going to be working overtime, and you're likely to suffer "bill shock" when the electricity bill comes in.

Did you know that heating and cooling make up 40% of the average Australian home's electricity consumption? So, imagine how much power you're consuming during the middle of a hot Aussie summer!

Here are a few tips that you can easily follow to help manage the running costs of your air-conditioner over the summer:



1) Clean the Filters

Keep Your Filters Spotless

It sounds like common sense, but you'd be surprised by the number of clogged-up dirty filters we come across with our air-conditioner cleaning services.

A clogged filter prevents airflow and dramatically reduces the performance of your air-conditioner.

If you have a split system air-conditioner, we recommend you remove the filter and give it a thorough vacuum. Next, clean the filter with warm, soapy water, followed by a fresh-water rinse. The warm, soapy water will remove any oily residues that have attached to the filter (this usually comes from cooking), which attract and hold dirt.

If you have a ducted system, you'll need to remove the filter from the intake grate in the ceiling and vacuum it thoroughly.



2) Run the Air-Conditioner on Dry Mode

dry mode

In dry mode, your air-conditioner works as a dehumidifier, reducing the humidity in the air. Especially in humid coastal areas, reducing the amount of moisture in the air can turn a humid, sticky 26°C into a dry, pleasant 26°C.

Dry mode can also help a muggy night feel pleasant without the need to hit cool mode on your air-con.

Your air-conditioner uses much less power in dry mode as opposed to cool mode, so if you are in a humid area, try switching modes to the water drop (dry mode) instead of the snowflake (cool mode).


3) Use a Fan in Conjunction with Your Air-Conditioner

Mighty Fans

Fans use very little electricity, so a great tip is to use a low setting for your air-conditioner (which means the condenser doesn't have to work too hard) and use a fan to increase airflow in the room. Both ceiling fans and pedestal fans will be effective.

You're likely to find yourself cool and comfortable without having to set the air-conditioner to arctic mode!



4) Close The Doors and Blinds, Fill the Gaps

Seal Gaps in a ROOM

By keeping the heat out and the cool air in, your air conditioner doesn't need to work as hard. It's easy to underestimate the benefit of door snakes that stop the cool air from escaping under the door. Ensuring your doors and windows are tightly sealed keeps the heat where it belongs – outside.

Don't forget to pull down the blinds or close the drapes. Creating a barrier against the sun's rays will give your air conditioner a chance to keep the room cool without having to overload the compressor.



5) Professional Cleaning

electrodry aircon cleaning tech

If you've tried these steps and your split system still isn't doing the job, professional air conditioner cleaning might be your best option. Cleaning the condenser fins under high pressure, as well as the barrel fan and the external condenser, can increase cooling performance by up to 4 degrees.

Professional cleaning will also remove bacteria and mould that develop over time in air conditioner units for a cleaner, healthier home.



Final Thoughts

These 5 ingenious strategies promise to revolutionise your aircon experience. Embrace them, and you'll enjoy not only a cooler living space but also more dollars in your wallet.

Say hello to cool comfort and energy savings – a win-win for both you and your air conditioner! For more expert advice on efficient aircon use in Australia, consult renowned sources like the Energy Efficiency Council (

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