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How to Remove Vomit Odour from Carpet

How to Remove Vomit Odour from Carpet

Vomit is one of the worst odours I can imagine in my home. Whether caused by over-indulgence on a big night out, or the developing digestive system of a baby, vomit is an odour that lingers until it’s treated properly.

There are two easy and effective ways to treat vomit.

We can use either an enzymatic cleaner or bi-carb soda. I prefer the former, but if you don’t have the right product on hand, bi-carb soda will do a great job.

Method 1:  Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzyme-based cleaners break down the protein that causes bad odours. You’ll find enzyme cleaners in supermarkets or the big-box hardware stores. They’re usually labelled as a Urine-Odour Remover for Carpet, or will have something on the label such as “blast bad smells away”. We recommend Electrodry's enzymatic cleaner called E-Pet, which does an excellent job treating vomit odours.


To treat the odour:

  • Remove the excess by scraping away as much of the vomit as you can.

  • Mix a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent with two litres of warm water. Sponge it liberally into the affected area. Blot dry by placing downward pressure with a thick absorbent towel.
  • Lightly sponge the area with water and apply a very liberal dose of the enzymatic cleaner. Agitate the cleaner into the carpet pile; the whole area needs to be soaked so don’t hold back. If you feel the cleaner needs to penetrate to the backing of the carpet, sponge with more water after applying the cleaner
  • Leave the enzyme cleaner for a few hours, then blot dry.
  • Place a fan over the area (a pedestal fan works well) to accelerate the drying process and avoid damage to the carpet.

Some Enzymatic cleaners must be rinsed thoroughly after application. Please read the instructions. If this is required, rinse thoroughly after the cleaner has been on the carpet for several hours. Electrodry’s E-Pet does not need to be rinsed.

Method 2: Bicarb Soda


  • Mix bi-carb soda and water together in a bowl until it’s a toothpaste-like consistency.
  • Apply a thin layer of the mixture to the affected area. Spread it evenly, like icing on a cake.
  • As it dries, brush it into the area with a gentle brush (an old toothbrush works well). Attack the edges as well as the inside.
  • Leave for 24 hours. Scrape up the remains of the bi-carb mixture and thoroughly vacuum the carpet.
  • To cover all bases, give the carpet a spray of Fabreze.

If you try the above steps and still can’t remove the odour, it may be that the vomit has penetrated to the carpet backing or underlay. Your Electrodry technician can inject a specialised enzyme odour-eater into the underlay and treat the source of the odour.


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