How to Remove Orange Juice Stain from Carpet

Published on Nov 28, 2018

How to Remove Orange Juice Stain from Carpet

Our guide on how to remove orange juice stains from carpet.

It’s definitely a family favourite in my house, especially for the kids. But unfortunately an orange juice spill can cause a permanent stain on your carpet if you don’t address it as soon as possible.


What you'll need

  • paper towel or clean white cloths or towels

  • white vinegar

  • dishwashing detergent

  • warm and cold water

  • dry cloth

  • fan (if available)

Time is of the essence! We recommend following the below steps for the best possible results.



Step 1 - Remove as much of the juice as you can

absorb the orange juice from the carpet using a clean white towel

Press a clean towel onto the stain to absorb as much as you can. We find standing on it helps to compress it even further. If the spill has only just happened, this should do a pretty good job!



Step 2 - Use white vinegar

white vinegar is effective with removing orange juice stains

White vinegar is a great option for helping get the orange out of the carpet. Our technicians recommend wetting the area with the vinegar to let it work its magic. Dab the vinegar onto a clean cloth (not directly onto the carpet) wetting the stain area, then dabbing and rolling with the cloth.



Step 3 - Get rid of sticky residue with dish soap and water

removing orange juice residue with dishwashing soap and water

We find vinegar works really well on this sort of spill. You could also try a few drops of dishwashing detergent in 150ml of warm water, blot dry and rinse with cold water. This will help to get rid of any sticky residue hanging around.



Step 4 - Rinse with cold water
orange juice stain on carpet after stain treatment

Rinse the area liberally with a little cold water to remove the vinegar remnants. Dry the area by patting it with another clean cloth or paper towel. To dry the area fast, place a fan adjacent to the damp area and let it blow for a few hours.


Some orange juice brands contain colouring additives which can re-dye your carpet if you leave it for too long to try to remove the stain.

The above process should remove or fade the stain for you if you get onto it quickly. Remember these processes take time. Be patient and keep going as long as you’re seeing results. Still not happy with the results? Electro 3 Spot and Stain Cleaner is a great product to have tucked away in the cupboard for times like these. You could also give Electrodry a call for some expert advice and help removing the stain.

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