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8 Amazing Cleaning Uses for Soda Water

8 Amazing Cleaning Uses for Soda Water

Water is an amazing thing! We use it to hydrate, cook and clean. Adding low levels of pressurised carbon dioxide turns water into something possibly more awesome - soda water!

Straight soda water is a great substitute for sugary soft drinks, I like to add a slice of lime for a little extra flavour. You can also mix it with liquor to make a boozy bubbly concoction. There’s even a trend in Korea where they use carbonated water to wash their faces which gives them a revitalised complexion with brighter, healthier looking skin. In addition to being a great face wash and making amazing drinks, the carbonation in soda water gives it a surprising cleaning power!

Here are 8 ways soda water can make your cleaning jobs a snack:

Jewellery Cleaner

Pour soda water into a bowl and add a couple of drops of gentle liquid dishwashing detergent. Soak the jewellery in the solution to loosen up the grease and grime and leave overnight to soak. Once done, give your jewellery a swirl around and watch the dirt dissolve. For more badly soiled jewellery a soft brush may be required.

Rust Buster

Water and metal are a lethal combination. The carbonic acid in soda water has the ability to reduce or reverse corrosion caused by iron oxidation (rust). Soak the rusty items in soda water for a few hours and let the fizz do its magic. Works on rusted nuts, bolts, hinges, gates, even tools.

Windshield Gunk Remover

If you're in your car with no glass or window cleaner, a little soda will wash away bird droppings, squashed insects and road grease. Soda water works equally well on your bathroom mirror and glass windows. Get bright and streak-free mirrors without the use of toxic glass cleaners!

Benches and Countertops

Soda water is the safest way to clean any counter top, unlike other solutions which may damage the natural stones. Pour a bit of soda water onto your countertops, stovetops, and the sink. Let it fizzle for a bit then wipe the grime away. It can also be used to clean tapware and remove water stains and soap scum.

Cookware Remedy

Pots and pans with baked on food are a nightmare to clean. Try soaking the offending cookware in soda water. Fill the pot or pan with carbonated water while it's still warm and baked on food should dissolve in the carbon dioxide.

Dishware Polish

Soda water is also a safe bet to make glass and porcelain dishware shine. It's even safe to use on stainless steel kitchen appliances. So, toasters, microwave ovens and even the fridge can get some bubbly lovin'. You can even soak silver spoons and forks to make for sparkling dinners.

Fabric Stain Remover

Soda water is said to be an effective fabric stain remover. If you act fast, it can remedy a variety of stains on your upholstery or clothes. Pour a bit of soda water and dab with a soft, clean cloth. A classic emergency stain remover for red wine spills!

Pet Urine Neutraliser

If you manage to catch fresh pet urine, blot it dry with a towel and pour on a liberal dose of soda water. Blow dry and repeat again. The fizz in the soda water will help release the urine and uric salts preventing a stain or yucky pet wee odour.

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