4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Sofa

Published on Feb 18, 2020

4 ways you're destroying your couch

Whether it’s a Netflix binge, a Sunday afternoon reading session or shaking your head at the latest Married at First Sight contestants, we spend a lot of time on our couch.

The Huffington Post recently reported the average human (in a UK study) spends 8 years of their life in front of a television.

That’s a lot of couch time and many of us aren’t giving our hard-working lounges the love they deserve!

Here are four common ways you’re destroying your sofa – and how you can take much better care of it in the future.


4 Worst Things You Can Do to Your Couch

sheldon couch

1. Always sitting in the same spot

If you’re a little like The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon, you’ve got a penchant for a particular spot on the lounge.

While this can be awkward for visitors, it can also be uncomfortable for your couch. Placing regular pressure on one certain area of the lounge can cause premature wearing and uneven slouching.

Try rotating the cushions once a fortnight or better yet, break your routine (be strong, you can do this!) and mix up where you’re sitting each day to distribute the load a little more evenly across the lounge.


2. Forgetting to vacuum

Wondering what those interesting-looking accessories are that came with your vacuum? Your upholstery cleaning tool may be hiding away in your cleaning cupboard, just waiting for you to start using it.

Now is that time!

Include your upholstery in your next vacuum, reaching crumbs and dirt before they permanently stain your lounge or begin to breed bacteria in your sofa.

Make sure you remove your cushions (if you can) and reach deep into the lounge crevices.


woman sleeping on dirty couch

3. Not using it for its intended pupose

As a general rule, a high-end couch should last up to 25 years and a low-to-mid range priced couch will last approximately 10 years.

However, you can seriously diminish that lifespan if you’re using your sofa the wrong way.

We all know someone who falls asleep on the lounge and never makes it to the bedroom. But as comfy as your lounge may be, using it as a bed is a big no-no. Regularly using your lounge to sleep on can cause it to sag and break down prematurely. It’s definitely worth giving the sofa-sleeper in your life an extra shove towards their bed!

The second thing you should never do to your sofa? Use it as a trampoline. While the trampoline use applies to the kids only, be aware of not ‘plopping’ yourself onto your furniture after a long day. Throwing your weight onto the lounge can damage its frame or springs over time.

Gently sitting down onto the lounge is best; and the gentle approach should also apply to your recliners too. Make sure it’s a smooth motion when you’re extending your recliners out.


messy couch

4. You Don't Keep It Clean

There are many ways most people neglect keeping their couches clean. As professional upholstery cleaners, the Electrodry team has seen it all. Here are some of our technicians’ top tips for keeping upholstery in great condition.


Tips to Keep Your Couch Clean

  • Implement ‘couch rules’ at your place. This may include no eating, no drinking or no shoes/feet on the lounge.

  • Try to keep your lounge out of direct sunlight – UV light can fade colour and damage fibres over time.

  • Indoor pollutants can cause discolouration and odours for your furniture. Make sure you use exhaust fans while cooking and avoid smoking indoors.

  • Do your research and use a cleaner specifically formulated for your lounge.

  • Protect your fabric with throw rugs or cushions, and a protective spray such as Scotchgard if suitable for your lounge type.

  • See to stains immediately – the longer a stain sits on your lounge, the more chance it will become permanent.

  • Call a professional if you have a tough stain or to give your lounge an impeccably thorough clean. An Electrodry Upholstery Cleaning technician will tailor their cleaning approach to suit your fabric, ensuring an impressive result.

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