Air Conditioner Cleaning

Did you know that the filter in your air conditioner needs to be cleaned on a regular basis?

Dramatically improve the efficiency of your air conditioner with this unique, hygienic and healthy system. Slash your energy bills by cleaning your air conditioning. Electrodry Air Conditioner Cleaning can reduce your energy usage by up to 20%.

Air conditioners often run 12+ hours every day and filters become clogged with mould, dirt and contaminants, causing the system to overwork and dramatically reduce efficiency. Filters are also expensive to replace.

Air Conditioner Cleaning by Electrodry removes the mould, dirt and contaminants from your Air Conditioner and its filter enabling it to function effectively, dramatically increasing cooling and airflow and making it healthier for you and your family – particularly important for families with respiratory issues.

By increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner it takes less time to reach the desired temperature. This means that with just a 10% improvement in efficiency the running time can be reduced by up to 40% as the thermostat of your air conditioner will automatically turn off the system once it reaches the desired temperature. This can mean big savings on your electricity bills.

The Electrodry Air Conditioner cleaning system uses anti-static cleaning products with a 12 month residual life. Other air conditioning cleaning systems require cleaning every 3 to 6 months.

Benefits of an Electrodry Air Conditioner Clean:

  • Improve air quality by removing allergens which are blown through your home
  • Saves electricity with improved air conditioner efficiency
  • Improves your comfort with better air conditioner performance
  • Extends the life of your air conditioner filter
  • The cleaning will last for at least 12 months
  • You can be confident the work is being done by a professional